Sergei Rachmaninoff: Suite for Two Pianos No. 2, Op. 17 

“Alas, the circumstances have turned out to be such that we weren’t able to meet up; I’ve been back under quarantine since Sunday, which was precisely the day Jackie was released. I was informed on Sunday that a friend I met up with tested positive for Corona, and that I have to be back under quarantine until next Friday, regardless of test results.   But we did record a video using Zoom, which we hope suffices.”

That is the email Yoo-Jee and Jaeckie sent accompanying their selection of performance videos. It sounds familiar, doesn’t it? We all know people who have been in that spot, people from all over the globe. We are all in this together, locally and globally. 

Locally, we are working on realizing our plans. Directly ahead is the working, hand in glove, with Miami-Dade Public Schools. We will be working on the virtual platforms established by the system to offer music and arts integration professional development workshops for the teachers, and to present virtual  “in-school” concerts to the students. Delivering interactive programs will be not without challenge, even if the teens are already better used to working on-line than the little ones are.  Our arts integrated curriculum and teacher training will be highly engaging. 

The theme is “Memories: Miami, before and after” – what has changed?  The musical core is William Bolcom’s wonderful Recuerdos, a Dranoff commission. 

As you heard in Yoon-Jee and Jackie’s comments, their participation in Piano Slam was not only fun, but challenging and a great experience for them as artists. We hope that our next artists  will walk away with the same feeling.  

Also in the works is our next, the 5th, collaboration with the Coral Gables Arts Cinema. We have asked Jeroen van Veen and Mike del Ferro back (virtually, or course), this time to create a score to be shown with comedies of Buster Keaton,selected by Nat Chediak. Knowing this combination of talent – you know it promises to be delightful!

Stay with us, walk with us, and enjoy with. Better days are ahead.


Gabriele Fiorentino 
The Dranoff 2 Piano Foundation
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A personal message from Yoon-Jee in Korea and Jackie in Germany

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/arr. Grieg: Piano Sonata in C major, K.545


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