Martin Bejerano trio performing Fantasia de Tres mundos

As our world seems to become smaller and tighter, music has become more accessible, more present and definitely more important in our lives. It connects us to our own history and to our place in the greater history. It communicates our joys and hardships. And always, music and the arts are part of our path toward our future.

This Music Mondays' featured artist is Miami's own Martin Bejerano. He talks the Dranoff‘s DNA, which is to discover artists. Our mission is to present these musicians in top concert venues, but also to encourage collaborations with other art forms. Another part of our missions is to support new music from top composers - which is how Martin's Fantasia de Tres Mundos began - a musical commentary on the three worlds of his life. It was commissioned by the Dranoff in 2014. Finally, part of our mission is to bring these experiences to all parts of the community.

The Dranoff asks for your support, because great music enriches our lives and the future that you might imagine for yourself and your circle. If you agree with that idea - we need your financial contributions to make that future happen.

Martin Bejerano has been a part of classical and jazz music since his childhood in Miami. It turns out that for a large part of his life, the Dranoff has had a place there. He understands that a commitment such as ours to the marketplace of music is pivotal for those who build their careers in that business.

Right now seems to be the right moment to support artists and their music with your gift. Please consider making your donation.


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Martin Bejerano with Kemuel Roig and Roxana Amed in a live performance of Drume Negrita.
The Dranoff presented this concert as part of our 2018/2019 Season.
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