Monday, February 4, 2018
"Music Mondays" is a bi-weekly newsletter to keep you informed of what is going on in the Music Department.

We are trying a new format and practice time for MusiKids. We will meet the first Sunday of the month during the Sunday School Hour, beginning Sunday, February 3. We will meet in the Music Room from 10:00 - 10:20. (Those in Sunday School classes will be dismissed early for this.)
Our first session (yesterday, February 3) went well. We will continue to tweak and adapt this portion of our Sunday School time to best fit our situation. Our next session, March 3, we will divide into two groups. Ages K - 2nd grade will remain in their Sunday School classroom; and ages 3rd - 5th grade will move to the Music Room. This allows us to use specific, age-appropriate music selections.
Spring Chorale Signups
Please stop by the sign-up table located outside the music room and sign up for our Spring Chorale! We are preparing for Sunday Worship anthems and Easter Music. Rehearsal dates and times are posted on the wall outside the Music Room and on our church calendar.
Sunday, February 10, 2019
Offertory/Anthem by our Ladies' Trio: Linda Daniel, Sherry Malia, Kay Roebuck

Worship led by Tommy Stainkamp
Anthem solo by Erin Rininger

Sunday,February 17, 2019
Anthem: HUMC Chorale

Worship led by Jordan Minor
Offertory solo by Alex Omundson
Please contact Karen Terpenning, Music Director by email at or by phone at 980-521-3926 with any questions or interest.