Since 2008 over 80,000 Miami-Dade County Public students as well as 5,000 teachers have been part of PIANO SLAM, Dranoff's music and arts integration initiative.

In our culture many have been isolated in silos - silos of thought, socio-economic status, place, skill, language or expectations. PIANO SLAM uses music to connect Miami teenagers to a better academic future, improve their engagement in broader aspects of our hometown, and understand how shared experience creates a community.
Many of the participants have used what they learned in planning their careers and in obtaining college scholarships; or re-entered their education even though they had been discouraged. A benefit for all of us in this community.

It is wonderful to contemplate that more than 200 young poets have been on the Knight Concert Hall stage through the work of PIANO SLAM.

As we are in our own isolation right now, we felt that sharing this ensemble work would be the right moment. You can watch a little bit of the rehearsals, meet the director, and then kick back for an hour of a wonderful stage show that celebrates the power of music, dance, words and the talent that brings it all together.

Stay safe!

A few minutes of rehearsals on the stage of the Edison Senior High School Auditorium. The schools is now called iTech.

A personal message from Ilana Ransom Toeplitz, the stage director for Piano Slam 11 and 12.

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