This Monday, we share with you the video of the second half of The Ocean’s Soul – last season’s concert dedicated to the great bodies of water. 
Even as we humans have been pushing the oceans to the edge of their ability for renewal, there is a very strong message of hope this moment in time presents us with. Clear skies in cities that have known nothing but the muddled haze of pollution are being enjoyed by millions; quiet where noise has reigned; star studded night skies seen with the naked eye, time to smell the proverbial roses – all these are opening our hearts that something different is possible. An invisible creature has united humanity in experiencing the world very differently. Despite the unimaginable suffering brought about by this virus, it is also showing the possibility of regeneration. This is what Passover, Easter and the other traditions of Spring celebrations are about. Many religions, many peoples, have festivals which celebrate light overcoming darkness. They seem to speak to people of all cultures. 
And this is what  music is about. Its  power to unite and heal. 
The performance of Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring by  Maarten van Veena and Ralph van Raat, I believe, speaks louder than words.
Please enjoy.

Gabriele Fiorentino
The Dranoff 2 Piano Foundation

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