Rachmaninoff 1st Suite for two pianos, Barcarolle 

Diana and Stanislava are two artists, two women and friends who have taught me so much about dedication.

I first met them in 2001 during their first visit to the United States as semi-finalists in the Dranoff 2 Piano Competition, an artistically rigorous, fierce contest for one of the world’s few prizes for two piano performances.  It was also my first year of involvement with the Dranoff.  (It was an easy falling in love for me who has always loved music).
After having immigrated from Israel to the US just a week before the 2005 competition, they won Silver.  Imagine leaving your life, your world, your friends, your language, everything familiar to you behind in pursuit of your Art. So risky because there will be no success unless you perform at the highest level.
It was these two women, girls at the time, who led to my dedication to the artform and the organization. 

Listening to Diana’s remarks remind me of exactly that focus: yes, we will meet again, and share the joys of live performances again. We will continue to work towards that future.

It will be so good to have you help us in that path, so that we can once again bring to our community Diana and Stasia and the many artists whom you are meeting on Music Mondays.  If you like what you see and what you hear, please make a contribution to our Spring Fund Drive this month.  

The organization needs funding in order to present the artists and to produce our various programs. Each year, we bring to Miami global artists, but we also employ a lot of local talent. (In 2019 alone, we employed 70 Miami freelance artists, writers and performers.) We want to make sure that we can continue to do so. But selfishly, I also  want to continue to know and meet these wonderful people who have dedicated their lives to the arts.  

This moment in time is forcing us to take a hard look at our humanity. What do we value over and above the bare necessities?  How do you want to experience your life?
I am going to leave you with a quote by Joshua Barone, Sr. Staff Editor on the Culture Desk at the New York Times: “And yet these are the same artists and organizations giving away their music for free. …. It’s heartening to witness, and the exposure may be helpful, but it doesn’t even begin to cover lost revenue.
So if you like what you hear, donate. Think of the industry as a giant Central Park busker, happy to play but leaving that guitar case open and ready for tips.
The world of classical music has never been more accessible. Rarely, though, has it ever been so endangered. And it’s up to all of us to decide just how much it’s worth." (NYT, 3.31.2020)


Gabriele Fiorentino
The Dranoff 2 Piano Foundation

Personal messages from Diana

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