This month's Teacher Spotlight is Vicki Hinrichs . Here is what she has to say about her life as a musician.

"I started taking piano at age 5 and took through most of my childhood and into college. I Studied music at Biola University. As a collegiate, I traveled to Scandinavia and all over the US playing my flute with a group of musicians. I play piano and flute and teach those here at TMT.

I know a little violin and guitar. I began teaching private lessons up at the age of 18 but took at least a decade off while I was homeschooling and raising up my own musical family. 

My four children all sing and between them, they play saxophone, guitar, piano, cello, and they all took violin. I grew up with musical relatives and loved having music in my life for the fun and joy it brings, the beauty of harmony and that it conveys any message so effectively. Music is orderly and systematic, which I love. It also possesses an innate creativity that allows each musician to flourish in his own way. 

What I love about teaching is giving this gift of music to the next generation. Music has enriched my life exponentially and given me many great experiences, opportunities and relationships in life. So it's a real privilege to equip students to participate in something that is universally loved and holds vast potential to be life shaping and life changing."