August 2018
September Music Notes
Welcome to Temecula Music Teacher newsletter. This is our monthly communication of the exciting things happening at our music education center. In it you will meet teachers, fellow students and learn more about the instruments we teach. Also we will have updates and upcoming events. So keep tuned to our exciting Music Notes.
Music Master Incentive Program

The Music Master Incentive Program is designed to encourage and nurture a consistent practice routine through short term and long term incentives. The goal is to train musicians up with good practice habits and give them ownership of their music experience. The duration of the program is September through first week of December… a total of 14 weeks.

Musicians who complete required practice assignments AND have parent signature on the practice log every week will receive the PRIZE of the week!

Starting the 1st week in September, a student will have to complete 5 out of 7 days of practice, which needs to be logged and signed in their practice binders. The required time for practice, in order to receive credit for that day of practice is as follows.

Ages 3-5= 15 minutes/day
Ages 6-11= 30 minutes/day
Ages 12+= 45+ minutes/day

When they complete their 5+ days of practice each week, our musicians will receive a teacher signature on our chart in the waiting room that will entitle them to a raffle ticket for the winter recital raffle drawing. That means each musician has the potential of 13 raffle tickets per instrument! We will have some exciting large prizes given out at each of our winter recitals, where we will draw tickets from the raffle.

This program is in place to encourage consistent practice with both teacher and parent involvement, and is here to help motivate students to put their best foot forward each week.

CONGRATULATIONS to those students who completed the first week! Woo Hoo!! They all recieved a FREE PIZZA from Shakeys!! The prizes are fun and worthwhile, so we encourage all to participate.
Reminders and Announcements
  • CHRISTMAS MUSIC BOOKS are here!! If you would like to purchase one for your student, email us at OR let the office know and we will place your student in the correct level. Most books are between $7-$12, and it is a fun way for children to practice their sight-reading over the holidays.

  • Is anyone interested in a 4 week Christmas Choir? If so, let our office know! We will set up a day/time based on who is interested!! This will be a fun holiday celebration time, and will be low-cost to families.

  • Miss Ashley is due with her 2nd baby BOY in October! She will be on a short hiatus of maternity leave, and Miss Shantelle Ruppel will be filling in during this time.

  • Miss Ashley is actively seeking a local family from our studio who would be interested in babysitting her 2 year old son and new baby on Wednesdays and Thursdays! If you are interested or know of anyone interested, let us know! We are fortunate to have an awesome community of families in our studio each week that we know well, and thought it was a great place to start.

  • PIANO PRACTICE IDEAS are in waiting room.

  • Our Facebook page has a lot of announcements and fun videos/photos. Like our page, and keep up with the day-to-day announcements and educational articles we are posting. Click on the link here to take you straight to the page. Temecula Music Teacher Facebook Page

  • For SINGERS! We are promoting an Open Mic night at The Bridge on 3rd! This happens every Wednesday from 6:15-9:30. It is a place where kids of all ages can come and try out their performance pieces in front of an audience, in a fun, outdoor environment. If you are interested, please contact Hannah so we can be sure you have the proper set-up for your songs.

  • Guitar/Ukulele groups are also formed based on who is interested...Read about our Instrument Spotlight below, and if you are interested in learning the Ukulele, contact our office and we will set up a class that works for you. If you are a current student, classes will be discounted for you!

  • Our school schedule is now in full force, and makeup lessons are for illness only, or prearranged with our office more than 24 hours notice. Same day cancellations or no-shows can not be made up.

  • Always send us photos and updates on your students' musical achievements so they can be congratulated and highlighted in our monthly newsletter!

  • What would YOU like to see more of in our studio? Send us comments and suggestions in order to keep us on our toes. This is your music studio and we want to serve you in every way we can.

Baby Basket : We will have a basket in the office for those of you who would like to drop off any baby gifts for our teacher Miss Ashley. She is having a BOY!!! She is not having ANY baby showers, and so we decided to thank her for her hard work at the studio and shower her with our appreciation to help with her new little one. Her last day is September 27th, and is planning to be back Mid-November. Congratulations!!!
  • Recitals will be on Friday Dec 7th, Saturday Dec 8th, and Sunday Dec 16th. The weekend of the 7-8 will be held at Margarita Middle School Theater, and the Sunday Dec 16th recital will be held at the Temecula Public Library for voice/acoustic guitar/ and piano students drums/bands. You will be assigned to a recital time/day and receive it in your email the last week of October. Be on the lookout, as all necessary changes to days/times will need to be made BEFORE Thanksgiving break.

  • October 20th all studio Hoedown party at the home of Vicki Hinrichs, Please start letting us know if you would like to attend! It will be a fall festival for all ages, complete with English Style "called" experience necessary, and a good excuse to get to know our Music Families better.

  • We are CLOSED on Halloween....due to the number of homeschool group activities, and our after school students preparing for Trick-or-Treating or other celebrations, we close completely on Halloweeen. This is already worked into our tuition prices, along with other Monday Holidays as well as other days TVUSD takes off throughout the school year. There are not makeups for this day, as it is already calculated into our average monthly tuition. Same goes for all of our breaks, which can be seen on our calendar on student binders as well as our website.

Musician Spotlight
This month's Musician Spotlight is on another set of musical brothers... at the studio we call them the "Bender Boys".

Kevin Bender is 14, Sean Bender is 11, and Aidan Bender is 7.

Kevin started piano when he was 5 and added guitar a few years ago. He really enjoyed the piano, but he wanted to expand to the guitar. The guitar has been a lot of fun and he likes it a lot. His favorite song right now is "Danger Zone". Kevin definitely is a natural in music and it would not be surprising if he adds on another instrument.

Sean started piano when he was just 3 years old. He likes to challenge himself by learning songs on the piano that aren't typically a piano song. His all time favorite song is "Heathens". He likes to play a wide range of songs on the piano experiencing different styles of music. It won't be surprising if Sean starts composing his own music someday.

Aidan started his music career on the piano when he was 5. Watching and listening to his brothers play music inspired him to take up piano too. His favorite song is "Take On Me". He is on his way exploring and challenging himself to reach new heights in piano.

Kevin, Sean and Aidan have enjoyed taking classes with Zaul, Hannah and Ashley. They are doing so well and the teachers enjoy teaching them.

One of the fun things about the Bender family is that they have discovered the joy of playing music together. At last year's recital we all enjoyed hearing them play a song together. Their performance has inspired other families to give it a try. Our studio is so happy to have musicians like Kevin, Sean and Aidan Bender.
Teacher Spotlight
This month's Teacher Spotlight is Ashley Hernandez. Ashley has been teaching a variety of music lessons for 12 years and has been with Temecula Music Teacher for the past few years. At our studio she teaches piano, guitar, ukulele and vocals.
Her music journey began when she was just 4 years old. Growing up in a musical home, she was always surrounded with music. However, her life changed when her parents brought home a piano... it was love at first note. From there she expanded to vocals and participated in any choir that became available to her.
Ashley was drawn to music because it provided a form to express herself. Through music she developed self discipline, a hard work ethic, and organizational skills. Music not only affected her personally but it united her family together. Music became part of every aspect in her family life.
Ashley has witnessed how music affects a person and this early foundation in music established a desire to further her education into music therapy and become a music therapist.
As a studio we are so blessed to have Ashley as one of our wonderful teachers. She cares for each one of her students and challenges them to be the best version of themselves possible. She creates a love of music in the hearts of all her students.
Instrument Spotlight
This month's Instrument Spotlight is the ukulele.*

What family of instruments do you belong to?
U: I belong to the lute family. We come in different sizes: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone.

Where do you come from?
U: You know, it's kind of funny...most people think I came from Hawaii, but actually I come from Portugal. Three Portuguese cabinet makers moved to Hawaii in the 19th century and would entertain people with the Portuguese instrument called the "braginho" . They altered it a bit and soon it became known as the ukulele.

What does ukulele mean?
U: in Hawaiian it means "jumping flea" , referring to the tiny dancing movement of the fingers on the strings.

What are you made of?
U: The first ukuleles were made of wood, but some modern ukuleles are made of plastic too. We come in different shapes too.. most common is the figure 8, but sometimes we are in an oval shape called "the pineapple".

How many strings do you have?
U: I have 4 strings but can be altered with pairs to make 6 or 8 strings. The altered ukuleles are called "taropatches". Originally our strings were made from cat guts!

What are some fascinating facts about you?
U: We became really popular in Hawaii from the promotion and support of King Kalakaua. After World War II the ukulele was brought to mainland United States with service men and women who had been stationed on Hawaii. The rest is history!

*Wikipedia: "Ukulele"
Musician Advancement
Big SHOUT OUT to our awesome musicians!!
  • Carlos Jimenez moved to a new level
  • Thomas Park moved to a new level
  • Lilianna Hill passed to a new level
  • Shannon Frary passed to a new level
  • Jacob Logback completed a TELEMANN VIOLA CONCERTO!!
  • Lily Arnold passed to next level
  • Brock Edinger passed to next level
  • Keira Lawrence passed to next level
  • Sicily Jenkins passed to next level
  • Maggie Toth AUDITIONED for "Seusical" with CYT!
  • Aiden Shin auditioned for Margarita Middle School orchestra and WON FIRST CHAIR VIOLIN!!!
  • Daisy Zimmer passed to next level