Season after Pentecost

JUNE 2023

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NEW! Video Library added to the Musiklus website

Lyric, Image and/or Music Notation Videos for use in worship

We've added a powerful new feature to the Musiklus website. Videos now have their own library, searchable by a variety of tags. Access the library via the "Video Library" tile on the homepage or from the "Browse by" menu.

Download links accompany each video. All videos are free to use with encouragement to report usage to your OneLicense and/or CCLI account.

Our Media Files Fall into Three Categories

1. Audio Samples are located in the top of the centre column of each Song Title Page and are free for anyone to play.

2. Audio Accompaniment Tracks, where available, are located at the bottom of the centre column of the Song Title Page and may be downloaded by Subscribers and Purchasers.

3. Lyric, Image and/or Music Notation Videos, where available, are accessed through links on the Song Title Page or Video Library page and may be downloaded by anyone.

IMPORTANT: When using any of our media files, please report usage to your ONE LICENSE and/or CCLI account.

Music Suggestions for Season after Pentecost – Year A

June 2023


▶️ Indicates video accompaniment version available. See note about media files above.

Click on a title to view a melody line sample image,

available versions, comments about the song and more.

June 41st Sunday after Pentecost

--------- Trinity Sunday


---"God, How Majestic Is Your Name"

---"God, the All-Holy"

---"Holy Ground"

---"It Is Right"

---"Kindred in Spirit

------Through Jesus Christ" ▶️

June 112nd Sunday after Pentecost

---"Bless and Keep Us God"

---"Fresh as the Morning"


---"The Daughter of Jairus" ▶️

---"When at This Table"

June 183rd Sunday after Pentecost

-----------Father's Day✶

---"Can a Man Be Kind and Caring?"

---"Follow the Songlines"

---"Just As a Mother Sings"

---"Loving Spirit"

---"The Daughter of Jairus" ▶️

---"Time of Dryness Has Passed from Us"

---"Woman of Favour"

---"Would You Bless Our Homes

------and Families"▶️

June 254th Sunday after Pentecost

---"Bread of the World"

---"Go Gently, Go Lightly" (high voice version)

---"Go Gently, Go Lightly" (low voice version)

---"No Empty Tomb"

---"O God, to You I Cry in Pain"

---"To Show by Touch and Word"

A Reminder... Roll over the little orange "i" symbols in front of the versions available for each title on the Musiklus website. Doing so will reveal information and helpful hints specific to the version to which each one is linked.

MUSIC SUGGESTIONS for June and beyond

"Come, Let Us Welcome"

"For Everyone Born, a Place at the Table"

"Kindred in Spirit Through Jesus Christ" ▶️

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