Season after Pentecost

November 2023

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From Ron:

As we approach November 11, I find myself frequently remembering Shirley & John Murray. I took this photo in their New Zealand living room when Christina and I visited them in Spring 2014. There are many rich memories of the close relationship Shirley and I shared, but what touches me in a special way at this time of year is my recollection of the white poppies they proudly wore for Australia and New Zealand’s Anzac Day which is celebrated annually on April 25.

An ordained minister and Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in New Zealand, John was a peace activist whose passions frequently served as inspiration for Shirley’s hymn texts. Our song, "It Is Time", with its specific references to white poppies, is one such text which is really its own kind of collaborative effort between Shirley and John.

Scroll down past the melody line sample and lyric as poetry for some information about John and white poppies, followed by a Reflection on Shirley’s words by kindred spirit Walter Farquharson.

Music Suggestions for Season after Pentecost – Year A

November 2023


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November 1 – All Saints Day

(Sometimes observed on

------first Sunday in November.)

---"All Saints?"

---"Gathered by a Greater Purpose"

---"Gentle Is the Way of Jesus"

---"Holy Ground"

---"In the Quiet of This Day"

---"It Is Right"

---"Set the Sun Dancing"

November 5

23rd Sunday after Pentecost

---"As Long as There Is Time"

---"Becoming Who We Are"

---"God, Whose Love

---------Is All around Us"

---"Go Gently, Go Lightly"

November 11

Remembrance Day

Veterans' Day

Armistice Day

---"Forgive, Forgive Us, Holy God"--------"God! as with Silent Hearts"

---"Go Gently, Go Lightly"

---"Go Now in Peace"

---"In Flanders Fields"

---"It Is Time"

November 12

24th Sunday after Pentecost

---"As Long as There Is Time"

---"Eternal Wisdom, Timely Friend"

---"I Will Listen"

---"Working, Praying"

November 19

25th Sunday after Pentecost

---"All That We Have"

---"Becoming Who We Are"


---"Take My Gifts"

November 23

Thanksgiving (USA)

---"Give Thanks to God"

---"Hear Us, Creator, as We Pray"

---"Holy Ground"

---"It Is Right"

---"Shout for God!"

---"O God, to You I Cry in Pain"

November 26

26th Sunday after Pentecost

---"As Long as There Is Time"

---"For Everyone Born,

---------a Place at the Table"

---"Here We Bring, Small or Great"

---"I'm Sure, My God, You Weep"

---"Jesus Is with God"

---"Jesus, When a Child Is Hungry"

---"There Is No Child So Small"

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For November 11

"God! as with Silent Hearts"

Music by Ron Klusmeier

Words by Fred Kaan

"we recall the lives of those

who gave and give their all"

"In Flanders Fields"

Words & Music by Pat Mayberry

"Peace we must guard and grow

so the sounds of war they cry no more."

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