From her family -
Ella's passion for music has grown. Her independence has significantly improved. Her eagerness to help the family has been invaluable.

Ella has been a huge help with her 6-month old brother, Nathan, singing to him during the day to help him nap and in the evenings to put him to bed. She also enjoys playing the guitar while her brother, Nolan, sings. Ella has also become much more independent. She helps with her brother and she even started cooking simple meals. On the weekends, Ella helps do household chores like planting vegetable seeds & laundry. She even folds her own clothes to put in her closet.!She vacuumed the cars to make sure they’re ready for short trips to the beach or to the grocery!

Ella has shown a lot of improvement & confidence in playing the guitar since she first started with Music Time - she's now willing to record and post performances on social media!