We’re moving our Spring Session classes online! Let us bring more joy, more laughter, more sense of community and connection AND more music into your lives this spring. Classes will begin April 4-10, one week later than planned to give us time to reorient. Check out the video song samples below to get a taste of our online classes.
Our parent organization, Music Together Worldwide, has just rolled out Music Together Online and this is what we’ll be offering this spring. It's a great way to enrich your family’s home life at a time when we’re all at home, and all looking for meaningful and creative ways to engage our children.
With Music Together Online, you’ll receive:
  • Two 20-25 minute ‘musical play dates’ (mini classes) each week for 10 weeks
  • The Maracas song collection songbook, CD and download code. New music!!!
  • Loads of music making activity ideas to do at home
  • Downloadable and printable material such as coloring sheets
  • Parent education to help you help your child get the most out of our program
  • Supplementary videos produced by Music Together Worldwide
This is a rich and multilayered program, full of learning and fun, with lots of extra bells and whistles without any extra cost.

Here’s how it will work:
  • With very few exceptions, your classes will be taught by the teacher you know and love, the same teacher you’ve had in your fall and winter classes if you are a returning family. We want to build on these wonderful relationships, knowing that the children right now—and really all of us—need as much comfort, familiarity and routine as possible. Plus, I want to keep my teachers employed!
  • Each week, we’ll deliver your first play date live via Zoom at your regularly scheduled class time. All you’ll need to do to join the class is to click on the link we’ll email you the night before. We're inviting you to join the class 10-15 minutes before the start time so you can chat with your teacher and with the other families. What a great way to connect!
  • Your teacher will record your second musical play date of the week and we’ll send you the link on your regular class day so you can watch them anytime. We’ll also record your live classes so you can watch them again and again, too. Remember that in early childhood learning, repetition is good, repetition is good, repetition is good!
  • We’ll send your Maracas songbook and CD by mail.

Pretty simple, right? Trust me. This is do-able, even if you feel technologically challenged. And if you have problems, we’ll help.
Not sure if you child will be engaged in a video format? That’s okay. We have a secret at Music Together: our classes are really for the parents and caregivers, to teach YOU how to interact musically with you children at home. They may not appear to be paying attention but as long as YOU are singing and modeling music making, your child is learning.
Check out the three short videos below featuring these beloved teachers: Linda, Paula and Andrea. They’ll give you an idea of what Music Together Online will look like. Watch them with your children and sing along!
Teacher Linda: Ridin’ in the Car
Teacher Andrea: Little Johnny Brown
Teacher Paula: Mary Wore a Red Dress
What happens if it turns out that we’re able to hold in-person classes sometime during the spring session, after all? In locations where that’s workable, that’s what we’ll do!

In the meantime, join us on this new adventure. If you are already registered, you’re all set and we’ll be in touch soon. If you haven’t registered yet, register now.
Clarice Wilson, Ph.D.
Director, Music Together in the Valley
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