Volume 5 | May 2019
Dear Reader:

Welcome to the latest edition of “Music Worker”, a newsletter by the Artists Rights Alliance, formerly the Content Creators Coalition (c3).

First, as you might have noticed, we are now the Artist Rights Alliance! It’s not just a name change but an ongoing to effort to make sure we are always faithful to our core mission — organizing artist advocates in the fight for a fair and healthy music economy. More to come !

Second, Artist Rights Alliance advisory board member T Bone Burnett gave a groundbreaking keynote address about technology and humanity at SXSW. We are grateful he permitted us to publish this vital statement in its entirety as the centerpiece of this newsletter. Let us know what you think! For more, please visit Mr. Burnett’s new, pro-humanity website .

Third, we held our most successful educational program to date in Nashville: “Unpacking the Music Modernization Act.” Check out highlights from the panel.

Lastly, we are thrilled that the EU passed new copyright legislation (“Article 13”) to make big tech companies take more responsibility to keep unlicensed music off their platforms. Hopefully, US policymakers will take note of the EU’s accomplishment and act themselves. Read more on Article 13.

We’re grateful for your continued engagement as we evolve to better serve you as the reimagined Artist Rights Alliance. If you enjoy this newsletter, please pass it on to others who might find it valuable and encourage them to subscribe. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter .

Thanks for all you do,

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Artists Rights Alliance
The Content Creators Coalition (c3) is now the Artist Rights Alliance – a name that better reflects our mission and the work that we do. With our new name, logo, and soon-to-be-launched updated website, we’re excited to continue our work of advocating for artists and creators everywhere. Read here to learn about what this name means to us and our mission.
Digital Dystopia

T Bone Burnett 10-time Grammy-winning producer, songwriter uses his platform at SXSW to warn us of the evils of deregulated tech platforms. Read the speech here .
Everything You Need To Know About Article 13

Article 13, a new copyright regulation, recently passed the European Parliament. It’s important. Our article covers the nuts and bolts,
Unpacking The MMA

On February 22nd The Artist Rights Alliance and the Arts and Business Council of Greater Nashville hosted a panel discussion explaining the recently passed Music Modernization Act. Check out the highlights of the best moments of the panel here .
Making Sure Artists Get the Credit They Deserve
In January, the Artist Rights Alliance, along with the American Association of Independent Music, SAG-AFTRA, and the RIAA, issued a statement calling for the development of a better digital attribution and credits system. This marks the first time groups representing both artists and labels have come together to acknowledge the importance of attribution and collaborate on pursuing a solution. Statement here .
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