Set aside Netflix and Hulu for a couple of weeks and check out SF's DocFest great collection of non-fiction films about art, theater and music at this year's festival!
Alien On Stage is a documentary about a unique crew of bus drivers from Dorset, whose amateur dramatics group who spent a year creating a serious adaptation of the sci-fi, horror film, Alien.
Live at the Roxie June 16.
Firestarter tells the story of how three young Aboriginal brothers took a newly born dance company and, alongside its founders and alumni, turned it into a First Nations cultural powerhouse.
Live at the Roxie June 17.
A stubborn dreamer builds a jazz club in the East Bay and discovers other dreamers along the way.
Live at the Roxie June 4.
Part music film, part historical record Summer of Soul presents the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival-a celebration of Black history, culture and fashion.
Live at the Roxie June 3.
A band that has been in the background of almost every art form across the last 50 years, Sparks is your favorite band’s favorite band, and soon to be yours too.

Live at the Roxie June 13.
After 23 years of silence, the artists formerly known as The KLF have returned. But they’re no longer making pop music – now they’re undertakers, building a ‘People’s Pyramid’ out of the remains of the dead.
From her early career in Japan to the underground music scene in Los Angeles, from fashion show runways featuring her sculptural designs to art galleries showing her fantastical work, Lun*na's edgy, witty and beautiful creations are explored.
At 80 years old, artist and pigeon-keeper Anton van Dalen seems to have it all: a prolific art career, a house in New York's East Village, a large family and a pigeon coop, where he lovingly cares for his flock of white birds.
Contemporary art collector and first to discover the great Richard Weismann, Martín Solo, takes on the challenge of introducing the world to his unique vision of art by opening his private museum to the public.
The courageous female wrestlers of Ciudad Juárez, a city known for its high murder rate against women - who fight in the ring and in their daily lives to redefine the image of what it means to be a woman in Mexico.
Live at the Roxie June 9.
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