Hello everyone,

Aryeh and I want to send you our heartfelt wishes for good health and comfort during this time that we are living. We are counting our blessings which are many. Our parents are okay, yet we worry every day, and I cry along with the heartbreaking news stories every night. The heroes and humanity all around
will imprint us forever. 

We have had about 25 concerts canceled or postponed so far, but we are using the unexpected gift of time for both creative and business endeavors and can fine-tune the last bits of our upcoming duo album. This will be the first new recording in several years and we are so happy with the outcome and cant wait to share it. I even cry when I listen. (The good kind though) I will write to you again when it's here. We also have the first album with our quartet (info below) soon which is a blend of lively and beautiful tunes from several folks traditions. 

Aside from that its been straightening out my long ignored International publishing complications which Aryeh has wrestled into correctness on my behalf. Its been baking and cooking and crafts and walks and reading and phone calls with loved ones. All this would be heaven if it wasn't for the clouds of worry and sadness for those who have lost. I normally am feeling useful by playing music in the hospital when we are not on the road, but of course, that's not an option so I and all my fellow ArtsCare artists are idle. We both miss seeing our friends and neighbors but don't forget for a second how fortunate we all are. 

Folks have been asking us about doing some online concerts and we want to make sure we can get the highest quality sound so have a bit of experimenting to do. If you would like an invitation to a live performance online which is fun because we can talk to each other and Q&A, please  send me an email   and I'll let you know when that happens. 

We won't be asking for donations as there are so many musicians in much more dire need and there are plenty of worthy causes. We just want to offer it up and you can donate to the causes that are meaningful to you. When all this passes, and it will, it will be a new world where we are all more tuned into the heart and living with an even greater appreciation of our freedoms and graces, the people in our lives and the selfless medical workers that are there for us when needed. 

We were watching Cuomo the other night as he described his experience with his illness. He told his guests that the thing that gets him through the night when anxiety and fear are the worst.. is music. He reminded all his millions of viewers not to forget to use music to get you through this. No matter what your musical cup of tea, it is there for you always. We were moved by his words and felt honored to be musicians at this time. To be able to offer something from afar that helps in any small way. And when things get back to normal, we will be on the road again doing what we do. In the meantime, there are several ways to listen freely online, I will add links below. We will leave you with this quote. 

  “Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.”
Author unknown.

Scroll on down to see more of what we are doing. As always we love to hear back from you. We have more time than usual to connect with you and we welcome your questions and ideas. We will look forward to the time when all is safe again and we can be with you in person. 

Sincerely, Lisa & Aryeh

New World String Project
But new album out soon!
Apr 16 OR - Bend Apr 17 ID - Boise
Apr 18 ID - Twin Falls Apr 20 MT - Bozeman Apr 21 MT Helena Apr 22 MT - Missoula Apr 23 WA - Spokane Apr 24 WA - Pendleton Apr 25 WA - Ridgefield Apr 26 WA - Olympia
Lisa & Aryeh duo
These dates have not yet been canceled I will post updates as they come on my website.
May 08 OR - Florence May 09 CA - Fortuna May 10 CA - Arcata May 11 CA - Fort Bragg May 16 OR - West Slope May 07 OR - Tigard June 10 OR - Roseburg June 11 CA - Mt. Shasta June 12 CA - Graeagle June 13 CA - Auburn June 14 CA Pleasanton June 25 OR - Lebanon June 28-July 05 WA - Shorline Lisa teaches at Caz Camp
On to the fun stuff! Video moments short and sweet. Aryeh prepares our tracks for mixing and mastering. All those countless hours of writing and recording, all those tries and tuning and decisions and strings and sounds add up to some squiggly lines on a screen. Will wonders never cease. Below - I'm trying to work on my banjo skills but am interrupted by cuteness.
I have a video diary on my Youtube channel that has served as my own scrapbook to remember my unique musical adventures for the past 20+ years. From street music to Windham Hill tours, finding my birth mother and everything in between. There are about 50 short episodes starting at Vblog #1. (Aryeh comes in at about #12) I'll be editing a couple of new episodes soon of our Oregon life and all the new adventures.
A sight to behold. After three years living in Oregon I still get a kick out of this. Aryeh, a guy who studied classical violin, plays beautiful music on so many medieval instruments, a political action guy with a degree in philosophy.... just loves his tractor.
He mows all those acres!
Here's to living in the moment.