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Beautiful Music in Our Lives
We need beautiful music in our lives! Christmas Music is the best! Let's create lots of musical memories for the children.

Listen to Carrie Underwood and her son Isaiah singing Little Drummer Boy.
Young Brayan Francis, a local budding musician, who loves to sing, studies with Bobbie Hosfeldt-Ward. He recently performed "O Mio Babbino Caro" ever so beautifully. Hours of practice went into his first venture into opera, including learning Italian and gaining a deep understanding of the story. It comes through in his delivery. Enjoy!

Brayan's brother Jake will be performing (violin) with the Youth Symphony on Sunday, Dec. 13th. "The live program will begin with commentary from Music Director Nathaniel Berman. A few of our young musicians will share the multi-track improv pieces they recorded in BandLab. Then you'll hear our full-orchestra performances of Mussorgsky's Great Gate of Kiev and Beethoven's Symphony No. 7, 2nd movement, assembled through the magic of technology. This event will take place on Zoom. If you're not already on our mailing list, email info@sccys.org and we'll send you the link. "

It's tamale and toy time. My favorite tamales are pork or chicken green chile with extra green chile ladled over the tamales. Local Moms recommend the best tamale sources and where to find the toys.

Enjoy your music this weekend, Parmalee
Moms Recommend
the Best Tamales in Town
In California tamales and Christmas go together.

“There are several types of tamales, but they all rely on the same base: fluffy, steamed dough pockets wrapped in either corn husks or edible leaves, filled with anything from meat to veggies, and often eaten with salsa. They’re usually a special-occasion food because they take a bit of time to prepare — all the stuffing and folding has to be done by hand.”

Traditionally several women get together for a whole day of making tamales and gossip. It’s a social occasion and an art! Even making a small batch by yourself takes 3-4 hours.

That’s why most of us purchase from tamale pros and are willing to pay $30+ for a dozen!

Searching for the best tamales? Moms know where they are and like the ones with “enough” filling inside the masa. Price ranges matter to moms and the best deal is fair price and delicious taste. So what are you paying for? Not just the seemingly simple ingredients, but the loving labor that goes into the making.

Shop Locally for Toys
These local shops with toys want your support and they are bending over backwards to make your shopping convenient! If you cannot go out, call your favorite store, tell them what you’re looking for, ask them to send you a photo, arrange for purchase and pickup. Small businesses always need our support, now more than ever! Continue to toy stores > > >
Family Events
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Santa Cruz Parent Calendar
Reserve space for your favorite holiday events!
Naturalist Night: Santa Cruz Sandhills - Tuesday, Dec. 15, 6-7pm - Marisa Gomez from the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History will share the stories of a specific Santa Cruz habitat as we develop our skills as naturalists. Details
Christmas Trees Farms for those who want to make the selection of a locally grown tree a family outing.
Holiday Serenade for Shelter Pets, Dec 13, 4:30-6pm - Local musicians Henry Chadwick and Garrett Smart will be at the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter to play some holiday music for the Shelter dogs and cats! Tune into the LiveStream. Details
Tech Talks: iPhone 101 (Apple) - Dec 1, 11am-12pm - Know the basic features and settings to get the most from your device. Ready for a review of the basic features and settings of your iPhone? We will share our favorite features and tips. . Register Now!
Tech Talks: All About Photos (iPhone/iPad) - Dec 17, 11am - 12pm - Make the most of your camera and photos. Join us for discussion about storing and sharing photos on your Apple mobile device. We will cover the options on the Apple apps and look at other third party apps as well. Register Now!
Capitola Library Opens in Capitola Mall, Saturdays & Sundays, 12pm - 4pm, Thousands of used items in the shop: books, CDs, DVDs, and more. Most items sell for $1 or $2 each. Details

Winter Magic Show with Mike the Magician, Santa Cruz Public Libraries. Dec 12, 11am-12pm. Register early! Details
Farley’s Christmas Wonderland - Dec 10-Jan 1, 5:30 - 8:30pm - A walk-in Christmas display - Christmas trees, garlands, sleighs, an elf village, a miniature village, and a log cabin that Santa uses, elves, fairies and...
Clara’s Dream A Nutcracker Film, December 12, SCBT Screening at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Drive-In Movie Theater, Saturday, Dec 12, two screenings, 6:30 pm and 8 pm.
Holiday Lights 2020, Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds, Reservations go on sale Nov. 2. Event is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Nov. 27-Dec. 27, 5:30-9:30pm. Details
Dungeons and Dragons, Tuesdays, 3:30-6:30pm, Attention tweens and teens — Adventure awaits! A friendly introduction to Dungeons & Dragons for players of all experience levels, led by an experienced player. Details

All the County Farmers Markets!
Tales to Tails - Mondays 3:30-4pm, Register! Santa Cruz Public Libraries Details

Covid - 19 Update
California’s COVID-19 vaccine plan - Vaccines may be only weeks away with three drug companies reporting promising results. It is expected that health workers and first responders who are likely to treat or be exposed to COVID-19 patients will be offered a vaccine first. Get more information from Cal Matters.

Santa Cruz County Health Dept - CA NOTIFY APP AVAILABLE DEC. 10
More information: https://canotify.ca.gov/

Santa Cruz County Office of Education - December 8th Letter from Superintendent