November 18, 2022
One of my favorite places to hike in our area is the Manchester Preserve in Encinitas. It’s not the most well-known spot, but it’s a quiet and lovely place to get some exercise and to connect with the amazing variety of plant and animal life that can be found in our local environment. The Preserve also features something very special for those who make the steep hike to the top of the western bluffs – there is a small, protected area on top of the bluff where you can find Hazardia orcutti, or Orcutt’s Hazardia, an endangered plant that grows naturally in this spot and nowhere else in the world.

To most eyes, Orcutt’s Hazardia isn’t particularly spectacular or noticeable. It’s a small shrub with yellow flowers that looks a lot like other varieties of goldenbush that are common in our area. But it’s also particularly adapted and suited to the soils of coastal North County and is at the brink of extinction due to habitat loss from the continued development of coastal sage scrub land. Fortunately, some local conservation organizations are working hard to preserve the existing plants and finding new places to propagate them elsewhere in order to ensure the survival of this unique species.

I have climbed up the bluff to pay a visit to the plants many times over the years, and I last visited them just a few days ago. On this last visit, I noticed that the community of plants seemed to be doing quite well – in fact, they had started growing outside of the enclosure and were spreading to surrounding areas. I also noticed that around each mature plants were many little baby plants sprouting under the protection of their forebears. In the right kind of soil with the right kind of conditions, this community of survivors was able to begin to thrive again.

Reflecting on this wisdom of creation in action, I thought about how our community at Holy Cross is also working on the transition from just trying to survive, to learning again how to thrive. We’ve found ourselves planted once again in soil that fulfills our needs – we have a wonderful partnership with JCo in our shared space, and the potential of that relationship is just beginning to sprout forth. We are getting our vital ministries back in order with participation all across the congregation. And last Sunday, we met and talked about our Strategic Plan and how we are laying the foundation for growth into the future. I see those little seedlings popping up everywhere I look at Holy Cross, especially with the willingness of our members to give of their time, talent, and treasure in ways that they might not have tried before. Like that community of plants, we are protecting what we have while nurturing new growth, and before we know it, I believe we’ll see even more growth spreading out beyond our walls into the community around us. It’s an exciting time to be a part of Holy Cross, and I’m so grateful to be able to be on this journey with all of you.

In Christ,
Thank You - Last Sunday

Thank you to all who stayed for our Forum last Sunday. We had good conversation around the Action Items in our Strategic Plan, specifically the items related to this year and next. Thank you also to Katie and Joey for sharing their testimonials during worship on why they came to Holy Cross and stayed! Thanks to Team Ho (Maggie, Corbie, and Wren) for The Stars That Light Our Path Poster for our 2023 Pledge Drive. And lastly, thank you to Joey, Katie, and Marci for the help with sound and projection in Michael's absence. We are sorry we were not able to provide livestream - if anyone is interested in learning to help with our livestream we definitely need backup, please see Karen, our Sr. Warden!!
Thank you Maggie, Corbie, and Wren, for the "Stars that Light our Path!" poster
for our 2023 pledge campaign (left). Katie and Joey giving their testimony.
Photo's Linda Collier
Stars that Light our Path
2023 Pledge Campaign
We're on our Way towards our Goal!

Dear grand and generous people of Holy Cross,

We are making good progress toward our pledge goal of $122,000. As of Thursday, the 17th, a total of 14 pledge cards have been returned and $85,000 has been pledged for 2023.

If the folks who pledged last year, but who have not yet returned their pledge
card this year, pledge at the same level this year, we will exceed our goal.

I believe we are on the Star Lighted path to achieving our 2023 goal. Keep those pledges coming.

Warmest regards,

Thank you to those who have already responded with your pledge for 2023. For those who have not yet pledged, you may return your pledge card via the mail, bring it to church on Sunday or complete your pledge online using the button below:
Tuesday, November 22nd
2 - 3pm (approx)

Please join us Tuesday, November 22nd as we bring back the tradition of preparing our worship space for Advent. We will meet at 2pm and hope to complete everything in an hour.

“Greening the church” refers to the placement of evergreens during Advent, and not to Christmas decorations. Greens are appropriate with dark blue ribbon (the blue is replaced with red and white Christmas decorations at the conclusion of Advent for Christmas). Later in the season as we approach Christmas a large evergreen tree will be displayed, but it will not be lighted until Christmas.

This is a wonderful way to be of service to Holy Cross and spend an hour or so with friends (new and old!).
Advent Wreath Making
Sunday, November 27
Please join us for Advent Wreath making November 27th after worship. There is a sign up sheet at the church entrance. Please mark your preference for purple, blue or battery candles. Suggested donation $15 for supplies (the church is able to help if you need assistance, please speak with Rev. Brian).
JCo, Holy Cross & Friends!
THIS Saturday, November 19th 
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
On the Deck at JCo 
 (In-Person Only)
Refreshments: Beverages and Dessert

You will be delightfully entertained by
Mike Wolfe
an accomplished guitarist and singer.

Classic Rock - American Standards -
Country - Jazz/Bossa Nova
Songs from the 60's 70's & 80's
Bring Your Request List of Favorite Songs
Our brothers and sisters next door at Christ Presbyterian Church (CPC) will be hosting their annual Living Nativity on Sunday, December 4th from 5 - 7pm. This is a walk-through experience of the Christmas story, featuring Emperor Augustus, Mary and Joseph on the way to Bethlehem, the innkeeper, shepherds and angels in the field, wise men in search of the child, and a baby in a manger. The last two years during Covid they did a "drive-thru" version and had over 400 cars carrying over 1500 people!

This will be an interactive "guided tour" of scenes on the CPC campus, with members of CPC portraying the Christmas story. It will conclude in their sanctuary with hot chocolate, refreshments and a Christmas craft for kids.

Save the date, plan on attending and invite family and friends!
Good News Festival Questions?

Have questions about the Good News Festival on Saturday, December 10? We've got answers! Join Canon Jason Evans for one of two 1-hour sessions to learn how to prepare for the festival, what will happen at the festival, and what we will do to follow up with our visitors.

Nov 30 or Dec 7, 2022 – 6-7 p.m. via Zoom here.
Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego
Wrap Up and Thoughts from Delegates 
Thank you to our delegates Mae Chao, Tom Mauro, and Rev. Brian (clergy-in-charge are always a delegate) for giving of your time to attend the Convention and represent Holy Cross. The convention was held at St. Bart's in Poway this year. Friday's program's were held remotely and the business portion on Saturday was held in-person. Next year's delegates will be elected at our upcoming Annual Meeting to be held early next year.
(photo: Susan Forsburg)

Thought's from our Delegates

Mae Chao:
  • Most joyous moment: Singing the opening hymn, “Holy, holy, holy Lord” awash in the sound of the organ and the many voices singing in harmony. I smiled with the dream of what Holy Cross could become.
  • Most important learning: The diocese is focusing on supporting congregational sustainability with initiatives such as increasing staff to provide support, offering community engagement trainings and providing administrative support for small congregations.
  • Good news: 2 new church plants are budgeted, one of which is for Oceanside.
  • Looking forward: This year’s theme is evangelism. Next year's theme will be service.

Tom Mauro:
  • Most enjoyable: Witnessing and being part of a traditional annual ritual that addressed the challenges and opportunities faced by the diocese. It was well planned, well executed, and contained many meaningful moments. Friendships renewed and new friendships developed. Candor, joy and the HOLY SPIRIT were present throughout. 
  • Most interesting: There are a vast number of missional opportunities the diocese and congregations have identified. Faced with a myriad of differing ministry challenges amongst the congregations the ADAPTABILITY of diocesan support to assist in meeting these varying needs was very interesting and encouraging 
  • What I learned: It is clear that each congregation has prime responsibility to deal with the issues of proper governance. and administration. The diocese requires conformance with the Canons of the Episcopal Church and the policies and protocols established by the diocese at the annual convention. Where a congregation needs help on meeting the administrative and governance requirements the diocese is ready to lend a hand. Cooperation of congregational leadership is expected.

Rev. Brian:
  • Enjoyed most: The whole event was fantastic, but there were two things that I enjoyed the most. First was having the opportunity to be together in-person and worship with my friends and colleagues from all across the diocese, some of whom I had not seen in quite a long time. Secondly, I loved seeing the diocesan youth leaders working together to share the Prayers of the People during the liturgy and giving a presentation on all the upcoming youth activities in the next year. 
  • Most interesting: This was actually my first in-person convention, so it was very interesting to see how everything works in "real life!" I was impressed to see how technology has been incorporated to streamline the voting process (even though there were a few hiccups, they were quickly addressed and fixed) and also how the hybrid format of having the budget and resolutions hearings on Friday on Zoom helped to move things along efficiently on Saturday so we could focus on the joy of being together as a diocesan community. 
  • What the congregation should know: That the Good News Festival is really going to be a big deal! We spent a lot of time at convention hearing about all of the work that has gone into putting this event together, including recognizing some of the folks who have been working behind the scenes for over 2 years now to make this a fantastic event. It's going to live up to the hype and then some, so make sure to register and tell your friends and neighbors

Convention Wrap-Up

Congratulations and welcome to our new assisting bishop, the Rt. Rev. James R. Mathes. Bishop Mathes is known to many in our diocese having served as the IV Bishop of San Diego from 2005 to 2017 and most recently as dean of our diocesan School for Ministry.

Bishop Susan recognized two servant leaders in the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, Darryl and Barbara Peralta, and she honored 15 individuals throughout our diocese with the Servant Ministry Award for their diligent, faithful work in their church communities, as nominated by their clergy-in-charge. 

The proposed 2023 Diocesan Budget and Resolutions 22-01, 22-02, and 22-03 were passed unanimously. Review the 2023 Budget here and Resolutions here.

You may read more about all of the above and more here; watch Bishop Susan's address to convention here; hear Bishop Susan's sermon during the opening Eucharist here, and see photo's from convention here.
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Worship at Holy Cross
Last Sunday after Pentecost: Christ the King Sunday
November 20, 2022 - 9:30AM
YouTube & Online.Church 

*Masks required for unvaccinated.
People who have other high-risk factors are also encouraged to wear a mask
We use a screen to project the service bulletin. If you prefer your own worship booklet please download the booklet using the button below to your phone or tablet, or print a copy at home, and bring it with you. Thank you for helping us to be better stewards of God's creation (reducing paper waste).
Video on Demand (VOD): Miss any of the past Sunday services?
You may find them on our YouTube channel here.

Rooted in ancient monastic tradition, this is a perfect way to end the day. Watch for our mid-week check-in newsletter with the service links.

Christian Formation
Adult Formation

Zoom Bible Study Group
Thursdays 5 - 6pm

Our new Zoom Formation Group, led by Rev. Brian, meets Thursdays from 5 - 6pm on Zoom - see below for the link. All are welcome to join. To begin, we’ll be discussing the Lectionary readings for the week and digging deeper into the Scripture. Book and topical studies might be added later as the group continues. Feel free to join us any time – you don’t need to commit to being there every week in order to attend. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Rev. Brian at, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Meeting ID: 886 3351 9215
Calling All Godly Play Kids!

Godly Play is grounded in the Montessori tradition and uses special materials and storytelling that invite the children into scripture and church tradition.

For more information please contact Sue Baas.
Looking Ahead: Upcoming Ministries, Important Dates, Gatherings & Events
November 6 - 27 - 3 weeks Sunday to Sunday
Stars that Light our Path
2023 Pledge Campaign
Help us meet our goal - $122,000
We are the stars that light our path to the future
November 19 - Saturday
Live Music on the deck at JCo
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
In-Person Only
$10.00 donation - register here
November 22 - Tuesday
Hanging of the Greens
2:00 - 3:00PM (approx)
Preparing our worship space for Advent
Happy thanksgiving text with watercolor autumn leaves and branches isolated on white background. Autumn illustration for greeting cards_ wedding invitations_ quote and decorations.
November 24 - Thursday
Thanksgiving Day
A Blessed Day to ALL
November 27 - Sunday
First Sunday of Advent
Advent Wreath Making after worship
Sign-up sheet in church
$15 suggested donation
December 4 - Sunday
Holy Cross 36th Anniversary (Birthday) transferred
>>>>from November 30
December 4 - Sunday
The Living Nativity at Christ Presbyterian Church
5 - 7pm
Walk-through experience of the Christmas story on the CPC campus. Hot chocolate, refreshment and Christmas craft for kids in their sanctuary at the conclusion of the walk-through
December 10 - Saturday
Good News Festival
All day and evening at the Town and Country Resort Information here
December 24 - Saturday
Christmas Eve Service
In-Person and Livestreamed
December 25 - Sunday
Christmas Day
Service - 9:30am
In-Person and livestreamed
Ancient Abbey Clock strikes midnight at New Year
January 1, 2023 - Sunday
Happy New Year
Worship 9:30am
In-Person Only and livestreamed
January 22 - Sunday
Bishop's Visit
Events TBD
An attractive illustration design for epiphany day
January 6 - Friday
The Epiphany
In the time of King Herod, after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, wise men from the East came to Jerusalem, asking, "Where is the child who has been born king of the Jews? For we observed his star at its rising, and have come to pay him homage." Matthew 2:1-2
Ongoing Ministry and Outreach activities:
All Saints Cemetery Clean-Up
on hiatus
9:30 am - 10:30
200 Peyri Road in Oceanside,
next to Heritage Park

Our All Saints clean up is on hiatus while this ministry transitions over to Kelly Petersen. Stay tuned for when cleanup visits to the cemetery will resume and help us maintain this lovely historic Episcopal property!
Wounded Warrior Battalion West - Camp Pendleton

We deliver healthy snacks to the Wounded Warrior Battalion staff and the Marines and sailors recovering from wounds, injury and illness twice a month on the second and fourth Wednesday's.

Contact Tom Mauro at 847.989.0305 for more information about this ongoing ministry or for how you might participate.
Picture (right) from Wednesday October 26: First Sargent Luevano enjoying a healthy snack provided by Holy Cross to the Wounded Warriors. The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.
Giving and Tithing
Thank you to all for your continued pledges and donations. These are integral to our ability to continue our mission, ministries, as well as to stay current on all of our financial obligations.

You may find information about how your pledges and donations support Holy Cross in the Controllers Report published each month in the Bishop's Committee (BC) section of this newsletter. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our Warden's, Karen Sanchez and Katie Ho, or any member of the BC if you have questions or would like additional information on our finances or any aspect of Holy Cross.
MAILING ADDRESS: 2647 Gateway Rd Suite 105 #290, Carlsbad, Ca. 92009
Bishop's Committee

Bishop's Committee (BC) meetings are the third Tuesday of the month from 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm. The next regular BC meeting is Tuesday, November 22 - our meeting is hybrid, in-person at the church and via Zoom for those unable to join in-person .

Meetings are open and anyone may attend. Please reach out to Karen Sanchez for the Zoom link if you wish to attend remotely.

If there is something for which you wish to bring to the BC's attention, you may reach out to our Priest-in-Charge, Brian Petersen, our Wardens, Karen Sanchez and Katie Ho, or any BC member. Their contact information is at the bottom of the newsletter, in the church roster, or you may reach them at the church office:

Reports from the combined September/October meeting held on October 13th:
You may read the approved August Minutes here; Controllers Report for August here and September here; Priest-in-Charge Report here; and Sr. Warden's Report here.
Pastoral Care
If you have a pastoral emergency and are unable to reach anyone at the church office, 760.930.1270, then always call our Priest-in-Charge, Brian Petersen, at 442.320.0548. If you are unable to reach Brian+ please call our Sr Warden, Karen Sanchez, at 808.494.0558.
Please hold all on our prayer list in your prayers:
If you would like to be added to the Prayers for Comfort, or would like to add someone else (please get their permission first) or add a family member to the Prayers for the Departed, please contact the church office at: email or 760.930.1270. Please mention 'Prayer List' in the Subject line and include whether the prayer request is for "Comfort" or for the "Departed".

Individuals will remain on the prayer list for 4 weeks. Please contact the office if you wish to have someone added for another 4 weeks.
Prayer for our Clergy-in-Charge:
For Rev Brian Petersen, protect, nourish and sustain him through the work of the Holy Spirit. May he find rest and encouragement in the loving care of God and this congregation.

Prayers for Thanksgiving
For our hosts JCo and for this community of Holy Cross

Prayers for Comfort:
Randy Echito, Art Wahl, Tom Andreas, Arlene Cull, Ann Mauro, Paul Vanderpool, Barb Ross, Mia, Sandra Rindge, George Fern, Bob Laskey, Larry Sebastian, Irene Ramey, Michaelson family, Julie Zygutis, Jesse Owens, Jim Backoff, Mary Riberio, Karin, Luis, & Manny Duarte, Liz Daley, Jen Sebastian

Prayers for the Departed
We commend to God all who have died, especially Ella Deville, Steve Bovee, and those who have lost their lives to gun violence.

Prayers for those celebrating Birthdays
Sidona Ryan, MaryLou Vanderpool

Prayers for those celebrating Anniversaries
Jack and Judy Cater

Prayers for those Traveling
All those traveling for Thanksgiving

Anglican Cycle of Prayer
We pray for The Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean.

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer
We pray for the clergy and people of St. Paul’s, Yuma and the Dioceses of Province VIII: Oregon, San Diego, San Joaquin, Spokane, Taiwan, Utah. Let us give thanks this week for blessings we have received. 

The people of Ukraine and Russia; for all communities affected by gun violence; for the people of Puerto Rico and Canada as they recover from Hurricane Fiona; for the people of Cuba and Florida as they recover from Hurricane Ian and the people of Florida as the recover from Hurricane Nicole; for peace
Notes of Care
Thinking of you. Humming bird watercolor card illustration
If you would like to be added, or suggest someone to be added (please get their permission first) to Notes of Care please contact the church office at: or 760.930.1270

Note: If you have lost a member of your family and would like us to include you and your family in "Notes of Care" please provide the name and relationship of your loved one, the date they entered into glory, and the address of where you would like notes of care sent.
Please keep in your thoughts and prayers those who are unable to be with us in worship and reach out to them to let them know they are missed.

Arlene Cull
4714 Athos Way
Oceanside, Ca 92056

Fr. Walter Edelman
17427 Gibraltar Court
San Diego, CA 92128-2332

In the Diocese and Beyond
There's more information on programs and training available in this weeks diocesan newsletter here
Diocesan Service and Justice Coalition Meeting
On November 19, join people who want to get the church involved in the issues facing our world today. Share how you do it at your church, learn how others are doing it, troubleshoot problems, pool resources, and collaborate on projects larger than your one church. A guaranteed inspiring dialogue at every meeting! More information here.
On Saturday, December 10, come to the Town and Country Resort for the Good News Festival (, and take in the Holiday Marketplace at the same time--open for sales from 11 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. Find fair trade chocolate, coffee, tea, cocoa, nuts, dates, and olive oil. Buy Guatemalan, Haitian, and Mexican apparel, accessories, and crafts; African and Asian bags, jewelry, and accessories; candles and home décor made by local artisans; and books, including titles by some of our Festival speakers. With live music adding to the festive atmosphere of the marketplace, this is the place to enjoy time with friends or family while waiting for the Festival’s main attraction to begin. Read more about the market here.

Saturday, Dec. 10, 2022

The Good News Workshops
The Good News Workshops
There are a variety of workshop and panel discussion opportunities with world-class presenters (no charge) offered throughout the day on December 10:
  • Borders, Migration & Jesus;
  • Faith and LGBTQ+ Rights
  • Evangelism in the 21st Century
  • Starting New Faith Communities in San Diego
  • Food Security and Faith Communities
  • Creation Crisis and Care
  • Affordable Housing and Faith Communities
  • How to Try

Space will be limited. More information about the workshops and registration is here - they're free!.

6:30 – 8:45 pm – The Good News Festival (Revival Service)
An energetic evening with friends, families, and neighbors. With messages from the Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and the Rev. Dr. William Barber, this is a night you won’t forget.
Book Your Room
Want to enjoy the Festival and not worry about driving home after the evening is done? Book your room for the Good News Festival and capitalize on this exclusive room rate at the Town and Country Resort: here.
Staff and Leadership
Our Clergy
Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Susan Brown Snook ***
Clergy-in-Charge: The Rev. Brian Petersen, Priest-in-Charge -; 442.320.0548
Brian+ is available to meet at our church space on Tuesdays, and at our office at St. Andrew's, Encinitas on Thursdays by appointment and at the church on Sundays. Please schedule at time using this link: If you have a pastoral emergency please email or text him (442.320.0548). If you are unable to reach him please contact Karen Sanchez, our Sr. Warden.

Bookkeeper: Muriel Wahl
Controller: Erin Sacco Pineda, CPA - ESP Accounting
AV Tech Guru: Jack Cater
AV Tech Asst: Michael Basista
Admin/Communications Coord: Ryan Cagle

Leadership - Bishop's Committee ("BC")
Sr. Warden: Karen Sanchez -
Jr. Warden: Katie Ho
Members at large: Mike Collier, Allen Zych
Treasurer: Grant Ford
Clerk: Robyn Hill

Contact information:
Church office: 760.930.1270
Mailing address: 2647 Gateway Rd Suite 105 #290, Carlsbad, CA. 92009
To contact any of our staff or BC members that do not have an email address listed above please use the church email address, your message will be forwarded to the individual. If you wish to contact them in confidence please indicate that in your message and we will ask the individual to contact you.

As a reminder, our staff work remotely. The office email and voice mail is monitored regularly. In the event of a pastoral emergency please contact Rev Brian. If you are unable to reach him then please contact Karen Sanchez, our Sr. Warden.

*** To contact the Bishop's office or another member of the diocesan staff ("EDSD"):
EDSD phone: 619-291-5947
EDSD staff directory:

This communication provides you with information about Holy Cross and our Ministries. For comments or possible contributions, please email the editor at
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