Washington Musica Viva 2017

Dear Music Friends,

This is a New Year's wish to all, and and a special thank you to those we have seen this year at a Musica Viva event! - An appreciation of those people who not only like and appreciate chamber music, but want to experience it fully by being right here with it, present with all the senses, experiencing the transcendence that can occur when a group is moved deeply, together, by the music.
We have known many of you since we began DC area performances in the 1980's. That's right, we have repeat attendees who came with curiosity to our Bethesda living room (see painting above of the "Cezanne Trio"), the church in Dupont Circle, the Czech Embassy, the Ratner Museum, the warehouse studio in Kensington, and other venues - and who have retained or increased their desire to be a participant in our music offerings.
Here are some images from previous years. We include a few of Marilyn Banner's related paintings, inspired by early music memories.
    serenade group my violin washington musica viva
banner, teiber trio, kluegel
  the weary blues band  BannerArts Quartet
Here are a few images from our present venues of Flower Avenue, Milo, and Church of the Ascension. Upcoming this year are performances at Milo in Bethesda, Banner Arts Studio on Flower Ave, Church of the Ascension in Silver Spring, and Airshow, a new venue for Musica Viva in downtown Takoma Park.
carl, jennifer, raycurt
house concert

Thanks again for nourishing your love of music by joining us at our monthly performance events. Click on the link below for the calendar, and join us this coming Friday at Church of the Ascension in Silver Spring. Please let us know if you plan to attend.
Carl and Marilyn Banner, Washington Musica Viva
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