Sing My Soul, His Wondrous Love
Musical Musings for Eastertide
by Sharon Downey
Welcome to the first Wednesday E-edition of Sing My Soul, His Wondrous Love , suggestions for listening based on the Sunday readings or the season of the liturgical year.
If you watched the Easter Sunday service from the National Cathedral, you may have heard this. If not, please take a few minutes to listen to it. This is the combination of nearly 800 submissions from more than 600 participants all around the world, singing or playing the Easter hymn, "The Strife is O'er, the battle won!" The arrangement for voices and instruments was written by Erik Meyer. You may remember Erik and his wife, Anna, from Luther Memorial Church in Erie. Erik accompanied our Cathedral Choir on our first two trips abroad before moving to Philadelphia.

This spirited arrangement of “This Joyful Eastertide” is by Philip Ledger, and one that our Cathedral Choir usually sings during Eastertide.
The Great Fifty Days
From now until the Day of Pentecost some of our younger members will be sharing joyous renditions of Alleluias! The Alleluia Egg will remain in its niche in the Columbarium until we are able to return to our building. But Jesus has indeed risen and our Cathedral children are spreading the word! Thanks to Lucy for singing the Alleluia and Annie, Clarke, George, Arthur, Louisa, Wyatt, and Jackson for starting the chorus of Alleluias. We’ll add more voices each week until Pentecost. Many thanks to Pastor Tom Glasoe (Jackson’s dad) of Follmer Lutheran Church in Potts Grove, PA for the idea!