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Join us at Stanley Marketplace for a Musical Storytime!

Neighborhood music
We're excited to be part of the Grand Opening of Neighborhood Music Stapleton at Stanley Marketplace on Saturday, February 24th. The whole marketplace will be buzzing, with mini-concerts, musical flashmobs, free music lessons, dance, an instrument petting zoo, and even a masterclass with Broadway actor, Alan H. Green!

We will be in the midst of it from 3-4 p.m., when we will hold a Musical Storytime in the Common Area of Stanley, in front of the Logan Coffeehouse. We'll be reading music-themed books, accompanied by real instruments played by the teachers and students of Neighborhood Music. Find out more about the day at Neighborhood Music and join us at Stanley for the fun!

Stanley logo
Stanley Marketplace hosts 50 stores, restaurants and businesses at 2501 Dallas Street in Aurora, in what was once the Stanley Aviation building, located by the the former Stapleton Airport's main runway. It's a great place to spend the day exploring, playing shopping, eating and having fun! Find out more at the Stanley Marketplace website.

Spotlight Sale--25% Off Children's Biographies Next Week!
Did you know that we have a vast section of biographies for children? Starting from board books, all the way up to young adult editions of celebrated adult biographies, if your child or students need to know all about someone, we've probably got exactly what you need.

There's no better time for you to find out more about this section. During the last week of this month, from next Monday 26th February through to Sunday 4th May, our children's biography section will be on sale at 25% off! There's no better time to stock up for your classroom or find the book your child needs to finish that report!

Going forward, we're going to choose one section from the store to Spotlight Sale in the last week of every month. Which section will be next? Keep an eye on the newsletter to find out!
Woman fainting
So Many ALA Awards, So Little Time...
The Bookies Bookstore to the rescue! Take a look at the front page of our website where the winners and nominees are shown with cover art to help you remember! There's also a display up in the store!
Kathryn Otoshi Visits
Author School Visits with The Bookies!
Thank you to Willow Creek Elementary and Aspen Academy for being so warm and welcoming to author Kathryn Otoshi last week, and to Kathryn for her amazing presentations and beautiful interaction with the students.

Would you like to have an author visit your school? Send an email to us at marketing@thebookies.com and we can help!

Black History Month
Black History month
It's fitting that in Black History Month, so many black authors and characters are featured across the board of the recent ALA awards, including multiple awards for Jason Reynolds for Long Way Down, Renée Watson for Piecing Me Together and Derrick Barnes for Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut.

So we thought we'd celebrate Black History Month, not by looking back, but by looking forward, with some fantastic new books, written by or featuring black people. The ALA Awards are specifically for kids, but we never forget the grown-ups, so you will find adult books here too!

Akwaeke Emezi
Stunning novel about a Nigerian girl born "with one foot on the other side," with separate selves within her. After a difficult childhood, Ada goes to America where a trauma causes her separate selves to take control over her life. Adult, out now. (Orderable).

Girl Code
  President of the Whole Sixth Grade: Girl Code
Sherri Winston
Funny and entertaining, but also examines racial stereotypes. As part of a journalistic mentorship, the indomitable Brianna is asked to research a coding program and interview girls from an inner-city middle school. Now she's really out of her depth. Middle grade. Out in early March.

The Beauty that Remains
The Beauty that Remains

Tomi Adeyemi
An African background enhances this fantasy about race and power. Magic left the land of Orïsha when the king killed all the maji, including Zélie's mother. But now Zélie has the chance to bring magic back and challenge the monarch. First in a YA series, out in early March.

I Am Enough
I Am Enough
Grace Byers
Poetic and beautifully illustrated. An inspiring picture book about loving who you are, respecting others, and being kind. A wonderful gift for any young girl. Coming out in early March.

An American Marriage
An American Marriage
Tayari Jones
Oprah's latest pick is an absorbing and insightful story about a young couple whose bond is challenged when the husband is jailed for a crime he didn't commit. Adult, out now.

Junot Diaz, Illustrated by Leo Espinosa
Vividly illustrated picture book about the importance of connection and where you are from. Lola can't remember the island where she was born, which makes it hard for her to complete a school project. But other people's memories and her own imagination come to the rescue. Coming out in mid March.

Other fantastic recent releases centred on black or mixed race characters include: YA novel Sparrow by Sarah Moon, in which an introverted mixed race teenager struggles with her mental health; adult novel Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward, chosen by PBS and the New York Times as their first book club read; YA novel Calling My Name by Liara Tamani, in which an African American teen wrestles with faith, expectations and finding herself; YA Beasts Made of Night by Tochi Onyebuchi, in which a young boy is tortured by his ability to call out and destroy sin-beasts, and the amazing middle grade Coretta Scott-King nominee, The Stars Beneath Our Feet by David Barclay Moore, in which a twelve-year-old boy tries to survive in a gang-dominated Harlem community after the death of his brother.

All titles mentioned are on our shelves now, unless otherwise stated. And don't forget, we are always happy to order for you!
Unique New Series On Our Shelves Now!
We're thrilled to be the first store in the US to be carrying 'Earth's Final Chapter', a series of novellas published by Endless Ink Publishing House of Denver. The series has a huge following online, but has never before been available in a bookstore.

'Earth's Final Chapter' is written for fans of fantasy and science fiction comics and graphic novels and carries these concepts into novella form. Each novella stands alone, and can be read in any order, but each also relates to others in a small story arc. All these arcs come together to create a larger arc telling the story of a world where, after the "Final War', new societies, peopled by humans, mutants and aliens, are rising from the ashes. The world builds with every novella and character into a conflicted place, filled with discord, rebellion and the never-ending longing for freedom and self.

Each novella is illustrated in full color. Join the epic journey into a new world by finding the books in our adult science fiction and fantasy section. Don't wait too long, because as part of the series launch, we have free posters to give to the first purchasers!