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Vol.1 No.8                                                                 August 2014

Welcome to our monthly Musician's Corner!

Our featured musician for August is






"Mayumi's vision combines the eloquence of Japanese

traditional drums with American jazz that allows her

to create musical cultural harmony." 


We hope you enjoy our local legendary talents! 


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Mayumi Yamazaki                             Member Since 2003
Mayumi Yamazaki

"Composer and drummer Mayumi Shara is a uniquely cross cultural whirlwind of talent and energy, making her a well established pioneer female jazz drummer in Japan...

In 1998, Mayumi moved to the United States, establishing herself in New Orleans to prepare... for the next professional level.   

Here is a master of Japanese taiko drumming who is equally at home on a drum set playing modern jazz, funk, R&B, blues, and traditional jazz, all the while, equally as talented as she plays second-line snare with a New Orleans brass band." Read More...


Why I Joined the Union:

I am a transplant from Japan, so being a member of the union helps me to connect with professional musicians in New Orleans and the United States. It is also good to receive and share information from the local and the national AFM. 

I use the rehearsal hall very often, and the staff at the office is very helpful and kind.



 James Rivers Movement (James Rivers on bagpipes)
James Rivers Movement (James Rivers on bagpipes)
Music and Heritage:  Sacred Music Festival 2013 New Orleans

Music and Heritage: Sacred Music Festival 2013 New Orleans-

Mayumi's Taiko Drums at 1:46

Pink Magnolias Live at The 100 Men Hall
Pink Magnolias Live at The 100 Men Hall



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