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Vol. 2  No.2                                                                               February 2015
Gina + Fiddle  Joe Torregano Clarinet Playing
         Gina Forsyth                                          Joseph Torregano
 Welcome to our monthly  Musicians Corner!

 It's  Carnival Time in New Orleans and

we are counting down to Mardi Gras!


Our first featured musician, JOSEPH TORREGANO,

  is not only a home-grown New Orleans clarinetist, saxophonist, teacher, band leader and sideman,

but also a NOPD Reserve Lieutenant.


 GINA FORSYTH is a  Cajun-style fiddle player,  

folk guitarist and singer-songwriter who is

currently engaged in a funding campaign for

her next CD through indiegogo.


We hope you enjoy our talented union musicians!

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Joseph Torregano                 Member Since 1972
Joe Torregano- small pic Joe Torregano Clarinet BIO: Joe Torregano
has performed as a sideman and a leader in local groups including the Doc
Paulin's Jazz Band, The Fairview Brass Band, The Young Tuxedo Brass          Band, Dejan's
Olympia Brass Band, The Original Royal Players Brass Band, Bob French, June Gardner and Dwayne Burns. Joseph Torregano has also recorded with Paul McCartney and appeared on two HBO episodes of Treme', the movie "Undercover Blues" as well as documentaries for National Geographic, and Public Television on New Orleans culture, while also appearing on the Bob Hope and Dolly Parton Specials. 

He is pleased to announce that the Joseph Torregano Quartet will be performing at this year's Jazz Festival, Thursday, April 30th in the Economy Hall Tent. "I'm looking forward to seeing you all there, and playing some tunes off the new CD, "It Had to Be You," a tribute to everyone who supported me through my cancer battles. Read more...

Press: Times-Picayune Article

Why I Joined The Union: "I joined the Union in 1972 and have maintained my membership without interruption of service.  I feel that
the Union offers the protection and solidarity that is so needed in today's tough business world."  
Gina Forsyth                           Member Since 2005
Gina-Action Fiddle
BIO: She has toured and recorded with some of Louisiana's greatest
Cajun bands, including the legendary, Bruce Daigrepont, and
regularly plays his
Sunday fais do do at
the iconic Tipitina's 
 club in New Orleans. 
Gina continues to tour nationally, most recently playing with Bruce "Sunpie" Barnes for the 
National Park Service. Among the many clubs where you can find Gina performing solo is the Neutral Ground Coffeehouse, New Orleans' hangout for the singer/songwriter set. Read more...
Indiegogo: Gina's Campaign (This ends on February 12th)
FaceBook: Facebook #1 and Facebook #2
Twitter: Gina Forsyth
Why I Joined The Union: "I joined the AFM Union (Local 174-496) in
June of 2005, at the request of the late Jimmy C. Newman. He was
playing a show in New Iberia, and I was booked to play fiddle. Jimmy
was a member of the Grand Ole Opry, and of the AFM in Nashville, and
he required that all the musicians who played with him join the union.
So I did. I have been a member ever since.

    Not long after joining the union, Katrina hit, and I was displaced from

New Orleans. I received help through the AFM's Altruist Fund, in 2005,

and again in 2010, when I was hospitalized for 11 days, and had major emergency surgery. The Altruist Fund helped me get through my recovery.


     My union membership has all but paid for itself in these two instances, and in the Free Dental Clinics that are housed in the Union building,

that are sponsored by MusicCares. In addition, the AFM Local 174-496

is a great group of folks, and in its meetings, it does many things to inform its members of possibilities that will benefit us, everything from MACCNO

to funeral planning to signing up for the Affordable Care Act. The Union

also has a credit union, information on how to get instrument insurance, and many other benefits. If you're a musician here in New Orleans, union membership can benefit you!"


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