An Online Showcase of Our Members
Vol. 2, No.10                  October 2015
Jay and Piano
Welcome to our October issue of MUSICIANS CORNER!
If you enjoy movies (who doesn't?!?), then you
 have probably heard our featured artist's
 compositions in Grudge Match, The Campaign,
Green Lantern, The Lucky One, to name a few.
Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator and Contractor,
is our featured member for October.
We hope you enjoy and hire our union musicians!
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John "Jay" Weigel               Member Since 1989
BIO:  A distinguished composer, producer, conductor, arranger, orchestrator, and contractor for film, television, recordings, and concerts, JAY WEIGEL, based in New Orleans, he has worked in the film and television industry for over 28 years.
Jay Weigel
Jay Weigel: Loyola University Film & Music Industry
WHY I AM IN THE UNION: "There are many reasons I joined the AFM and many reasons that I maintain my membership. For me, the first and foremost reason would have to be the opportunities that have come my way in the film and TV industry. There are many financial benefits that the AFM has fought for with the recording industry that truly make a difference. For instance, pension fund payments, H&W payments, residuals, secondary use payments, etc.  If you are not familiar with these, take the time to look them up and see how beneficial economically your membership can be.  If you visit the AFM website ( you will also find many group insurance offerings. Including  instrument, health, dental, car insurance programs that are available to members. I take advantage of many of these programs."