Easter Season 2023

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From Ron...

As many readers are aware, I have an important sense of connection with the southern hemisphere as a result of my longtime friendship and working relationship with New Zealander, Shirley Erena Murray. In addition to being fed by the richness and depth of her poetry, time spent with her in person and through lengthy email conversations enriched me in terms of how I now view some Christian seasonal celebrations.

My guess is that the majority of northern hemisphere people rarely — if ever — think about the hemisphere-driven symbolism tied to major festivals like Christmas and Easter. For many in my part of the planet, the Christmas season is linked to snow globe scenes, horse-drawn sleighs, skating on frozen ponds, etc. It’s pretty hard for we northern hemisphere folk to get our heads around spending Christmas Day on a warm sunny beach, enjoying fresh strawberries the way Shirley explained the holiday she and husband John experienced one year.

I find it even more sobering as I ponder nature’s symbols which we in the north associate with Easter: rebirth, renewal, flowers, budding trees, butterflies, longer days, peeks of the growth to come. As so many of us delight in warm, sunrise services, I think about what’s happening in New Zealand at that moment: leaves falling, flowers wilting, shorter and colder days, etc.

I once suggested to Shirley that it must take a lot of faith to celebrate Easter in "the south"! Her quick retort was, "I think it takes a lot of faith for anyone to celebrate resurrection in our time."

What symbols could you come up with if everything in nature on Easter Sunday was hunkering down or dying? There’s a good chance that, as I watch the gradual beginning of a new cloudy day or the sudden explosive brightness of a clear morning sky, my own mind will be wandering and wondering about what awakenings will be transmitted that morning by James Webb.

Music Suggestions for Easter Season 2023 – Year A


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April 9Easter Vigil / Easter Day

---"Christ Is Alive"

---"Come, Teach Us, Spirit of Our God"

---"Flowers Will Bloom in the Desert" ▶️

---"Fresh as the Morning"

---"Joyful Is the Dark" (key of D)

---"Joyful Is the Dark" (key of Eb)

---"No Empty Tomb"

---"Roll the Stone Away"

---"Stay with Us"  ▶️

---"When We Gather at the Table"

ROAD TO EMMAUS, Mike Torevell

April 162nd Sunday of Easter

------------ Holy Humour Sunday *

---"All Who Thirst for Living Water"

---"Come, Holy Visitor"

---"Friends Let Us Love Each Other"

---"Give to Us Laughter" *

---"I Wish You the Blessing" *

---"Wake O My Soul"*

April 233rd Sunday of Easter

---"Follow the Songlines"

---"Stay with Us"  ▶️

---"Womb Water"

April 304th Sunday of Easter

---"Deep In Our Hearts" ▶️

---"I Can on God Implicitly Rely"

---"I Will Listen"

---"Jesus, I Come"

---"O God, to You I Cry in Pain"

---"When at This Table"

May 75th Sunday of Easter

---"In Freely Acting Love"

---"Walls that Divide" ▶️

---"We Are the Singers"

May 18Ascension

---"As the Wind Song Through the Trees"

---"Christ Is Alive"

---"God, How Majestic Is Your Name"

---"Jesus Is with God"

---"Shout for God!"

May 217th Sunday of Easter

---"Time of Dryness Has Passed from Us"

---"Working, Praying" (key of A)

---"Working, Praying" (key of Bb)

May 28Pentecost Sunday

---"All that We Have"

---"Come, Holy Visitor"

---"Come, Teach Us, Spirit of Our God"

---"Holy Ground"

---"Renewing Our Spirits" ▶️-

---"Teach Me, God, to Wonder" ▶️

---"Wind on the Water" (key of C)

---"Wind on the Water" (key of D)

May 31Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth

---"Roll the Stone Away"

---"Woman of Favor"

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April 22 – Earth Day 2023




For Earth Day 2023, we need to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably).

Businesses, governments, and citizens — everyone accounted for, and everyone accountable.

A partnership for the planet.

Additional resources

available at:https://www.earthday.org


"All that We Have"

"All Who Thirst for Living Water"

"Bless and Keep Us, God"

"Holy Ground"

"I Am Your Mother"

"Only One Earth"

"Silent Spring Song"

"Wake O My Soul"

"We Are Not Our Own"

"Where Are the Voices for the Earth?"

Get Inspired. Take Action. Be a part of the green revolution.

April 25 – ANZAC DAY

(Australia & New Zealand)

Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders "who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations" and "the contribution and suffering of all those who have served".


"Forgive, Forgive Us, Holy God"

"Go Now In Peace"

"God! as with Silent Hearts"

"It Is Time"

May 16

International Day of Living Together in Peace (UN)

The day invites countries to further promote reconciliation to help to ensure peace and sustainable development, including by working with communities, faith leaders and other relevant actors, through reconciliatory measures and acts of service and by encouraging forgiveness and compassion among individuals.

Additional resources available at: https://www.un.org/en/observances/living-in-peace-day


"For Everyone Born, a Place at the Table"

"Christ of the Sad Face"

"Deep In Our Hearts" ▶️

"Each Seeking Faith"

"Let Our Earth Be Peaceful"

-"Open Wide the Church's Door"

"Where Does Compassion Start?"

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