Holy Week 2023

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It’s not just all about me…

Collaboration between churches, clergy, musicians, etc. has always been a high priority for me, despite the reality that it can sometimes be a little elusive. I won’t attempt to list all of the things I think get in the way of church folks working together, but I’m convinced that the threats we have coming at us from all directions in these times probably tend to make us more than a bit self-protective as we guard 'our' turf.

I’d like to encourage friends of the Musiklus site who have not yet been introduced to Norval United Church in Southern Ontario to consider checking out their online resources. One of the many wonderful ministries they offer is "My Daily Minute" which has become a way for thousands of people to begin their day. In my case, I don’t even consider looking at whatever else may be in my Inbox until I’ve had my morning coffee/Norval wakeup!

• Visit norvalunited.ca.

• Scroll down and click on "What We Do".

• Click on the 6th item on the list ("My Daily Minute") where you can access today’s MDM, previous MDMs and then subscribe if you wish (and which I highly recommend).

Just sayin’…

Music Suggestions for Holy Week 2023 – Year A


▶️ Indicates video accompaniment version available. See note about media files below.

Click on a title to view a melody line sample image,

available versions, comments about the song and more.

April 3Monday of Holy Week

---"A Prophet Woman Broke a Jar"

April 4Tuesday of Holy Week

---"Christ of the Sad Face"

---"Womb Water"

April 5Wednesday of Holy Week

---"All Saints"

---"I Ask You, God"

---"We Are Not Our Own"

April 6Maundy Thursday

---"An Evening Hymn"

---"Doom and Danger/Care and Courage"

---"Friends, Let Us Love Each Other"

---"Go Now in Peace"

---"God, Help Us When We're Frightened"

---"I Am There"

---"Stay with Us" ▶️ 

---"When All Else Is Gone"

---"When at This Table"

---"When We Gather at the Table"

April 7Good Friday

---"A Body Broken on a Cross"

---"Stay with Us" ▶️ 

April 8Holy Saturday



Frank Wesley 1923-2002 

A Reminder... Roll over the little orange "i" symbols in front of the versions available for each title on the Musiklus website. Doing so will expose information

and helpful hints specific to the version to which each one is linked.

Recent Additions to the Website


"Come into the Streets with Me" (Palm Sunday)

"No Empty Tomb" (Easter Sunday)

"Roll the Stone Away" (Easter Sunday)


"Roll the Stone Away" (Easter Sunday)

"Seven Is Sufficient"


"Jesus Is with God"

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IMPORTANT: When using any of our media files, please report usage to your ONE LICENSE and/or CCLI account.

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