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There is a lower cost alternative - Hybrid Printing
Robert Ellis
Robert Ellis President and CEO

You are probably tired of people telling you it's time to get into digital printing. All the trade publications are talking about it, printer company salespeople may be dropping by, and the recently completed Drupa show in Germany was dubbed "The Inkjet Drupa" (for the third time in a row!).  We talk about it here at Document Data Solutions too.

There ARE lots of advantages to digital printing. Inkjet makes shorter print runs economically reasonable, and printers can add value to the pieces they produce with personalization and variable imaging. Your clients are striving to improve the customer experience by reacting quicker and communicating on a more personal level with their customers. Helping them achieve those goals through the documents you print for them is a reasonable business strategy.

But what about the investment you've made in offset web presses and expertise? Are you prepared to toss that out and start over with a brand new technology? Most printers tell us that's not possible for them. They are searching for survival strategies that don't involve trashing a business they've built up over many years; perhaps through the hard work of several generations.

A Reasonable Path to Digital Printing
We think we've got an answer for you - a way to preserve the value of your existing assets while simultaneously providing your clients with the speed, quality, and flexibility inkjet offers.

Document Data Solutions was chosen by HP as the sole North American partner for their integrated monochrome and CMYK print modules. We developed a complementary print controller and state of the art ink delivery system to create a hybrid printing solution that runs on web presses at up to 800 feet per minute. Customers using this system can add digital variable data and graphics to their web runs at a reasonable cost.
DDS Press and Controller
Don't Support Variable Workflows 
The beauty of hybrid printing is you get to keep using your existing printing equipment. You need not spend lots of money on an inkjet press. Even better, your investments in pre and post-print equipment are protected! Digital printer salespeople don't always mention that new printing equipment will probably force printers to acquire new finishing machinery. That means increased capital outlay along with extra maintenance contracts, more space requirements, training, and dual workflows.
Hybrid printing is by far the least expensive way of adding digital variable data and graphics, allowing printers to add data only where needed. The combination of offset and digital produces the lowest total cost of print among digital solutions.

Adding inkjet modules to your existing production line extends the life of the equipment and sets your business apart from print service providers who have yet to make strategic moves to position their companies for future growth. You'll have something new to sell to existing clients and will attract business from new clients seeking a more intelligent printing solution.

With inkjet modules mounted on your web presses you can create marketing materials with variable graphics, text, and offers. You can encode coupons or other items with individual tracking codes, allowing your clients to connect customer purchases to specific campaigns and offers; perhaps for the first time. Direct mail campaigns can be connected to email or web advertising in a multi-channel approach.

Come See How It's Done 
Document Data Solutions invites you to see these inkjet modules in action. Please use the link below to register for a complimentary exhibit hall pass at Graph Expo in Orlando, Florida September 25-28. We'll be running these inkjet modules in our booth to demonstrate how they work and show you the quality of the output they create. We'll have experts on hand to answer your questions about how your business can extend the usefulness of your existing equipment rather than implementing an entirely separate digital inkjet workflow.

Not going to Graph Expo this year? Just drop us a line. We'll arrange a private web meeting to answer your questions about digital inkjet modules.
Come see Document Data Solutions at Graph Expo in Orlando. 

We'll be in booth 1861

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