Hi Jaime,

I've got three great links for you here so let's get right into it...

1. "General Guidance & Tips for Restaurants During COVID-19 Outbreak"

Holy shit - no joke, this is a must read. The Patrick Accounting firm put this together for their clients -- it's a straight up & succinct take on what operators need to do. Big thanks to them for allowing me to repost for our readers! Do not miss this...

2. "3 Small Business Disaster Response Tools for Your Restaurant"
A just posted interview with Seth & Candice of Blackgarden Law about three possible ways your restaurant may be able to find some relief in the craziness of this COVID-19 crisis.

3. "How to Make Your Restaurant Stand-Out During COVID-19" - 5 areas of tips for you to consider. (credit to Donna Peterson)

I'm putting together more examples of what I'm seeing out there and we'll hopefully have that piece up later today or tomorrow.

Stay tuned and stay well...
- Jaime