Demystifying AP classes & exams
It was the last day of February 2016, when my phone rang. Without taking a breath, the father of one of my freshman began:

“I have some questions about Advanced Placement. My daughter doesn’t want to sign up for AP World, but I've heard that taking an AP class will help her get into college. If she takes this class, she has to get an A or B in it, because I don’t want this class to negatively impact her GPA. 

"And, I don’t think she needs to take the AP exam because I heard that taking the exam won’t help her with college. Is all of that correct? What do you think?”

As a high school counselor and, now independent educational consultant, the questions this father asked me are not unusual. Parents want their children to take whatever classes will enhance their child’s transcript and help them get into college.

Here's what you need to know about Advanced Placement courses, exams and their impact on college admissions...

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SAT Deadlines

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Duke University Guarantees
Last week, I toured this very prestigious college in Durham, North Carolina. The campus is large and very beautiful. If you have a chance, check it out.  

I was very impressed with all of the educational opportunities offered to students, including:

  • The firm commitment to graduate within four years;
  • The opportunity to participate in research beginning as freshman and to be published in leading journals;
  • The Duke Engage program – a free, summer-long, non-credit, program to participate in internships and projects within the U.S.;
  • Study abroad opportunities;
  • The commitment to having all students graduate debt-free.  

Check out this college!