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Dear Chamber Members, Community Partners and Residents,
Few, if any of us, have lived through anything like we are living through now. We need to stay strong and rely on each other because together is how we are all going to get through this. 
Like all of you, I have more questions than I have answers. Thankfully, I gain more answers and some clarity with each passing day.
Many of you have asked, “what is the Chamber doing for me now”. The information can be found on the website (  It is updated often as we get new information, or we discover a new way to disseminate the information instead of delivering it to you through a fire hose. 
I have been in constant contact with the Governor’s office and our National Congressional Delegates fighting for our small businesses, their families, their employees and the families of those employees so that we all get the support that we need. This endeavor will not stop! Each day there is progress. Some days the progress seems tiny, but it is progress. 
Even though the Chamber office is closed for the next little bit, Chamber staff is still working and advocating for you from our homes. We are available during normal working hours. You can call the office at 480 488-3363 and leave a message (we are checking voice mail several times per day), you can call me on my cell at 480 528-8223 or you can e-mail us through our normal e-mails.
We want to hear from you! We are strong! We are smart! Together we get through this!
Patty Villeneuve, President/CEO
Carefree Cave Creek
Chamber of Commerce
If you would like to be considered or know someone who would be a good candidate to serve on the Chamber Board of Directors please visit our website for a Board Member Application.  Click Here to print out.

Board of Director term limit is three years and start on July 1. All Board members, in good standing, are eligible to serve two terms before stepping down for a period of at least one year after serving two terms.

Please return the application to the Chamber office before Wednesday March 19, 2020. The nominating committee will be interviewing potential applicants through April 15, 2020.
Resources to Help Cope with COVID-19
With government COVID-19 related proclamations limiting your business operations and governments discouraging customers from gathering at your business, we need to consider what programs are available that may help ease these difficult times. The following list is far from all inclusive, plus the programs themselves will certainly evolve. Not all suggestions are a good fit for all businesses, but maybe you will find an idea that will prove beneficial.

1.  The Carefree-Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce is always a very good first call for ideas and assistance to navigate confusing websites and applications. They will point you to a contact in what otherwise is a big, black-box of bureaucrats. The resource landscape is constantly changing and the Chamber is working hard to stay on top of those changes.
2. The Arizona Small Business Association, , is a good resource listing several suggestions. Over time, their list will grow.
3. Arizona has been approved by the U.S. Small Business Administration for its Economic Injury Disaster Loans Program to help small businesses impacted by the virus. The SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loans offer businesses up to $2 million in assistance that may be used to pay fixed debts, payroll, accounts payable and other bills that cannot be paid because of the disaster’s impact. To learn more or apply, visit the SBA website , the  office of the Governor website , or click  here  to apply. They will probably be overwhelmed. Apply now.
4.  has a listing of companies that are hiring in case you are looking for temporary labor or would like to refer employees you need to furlough/lay-off. In times such as these, a few local businesses may actually experience an uptick and need temporary help. What better way to assist a furloughed employee than to point them to a fellow business in need of temporary help and lay the groundwork for their eventual return.
5. Talk to one another. Network. Share ideas. This is a community and it’s time to set aside, what are normally healthy competitive rivalries and help one another.
6. At the local level, the Town of Carefree published a list of Carefree restaurants offering curbside service along with a short 60 second video of each describing their curbside offerings and safety precautions. If you are not on the list or don’t know if you are on the list or not, contact
If you have other ideas, please share them – with the Chamber, the Town and one another. We can help each other.

John Crane
Vice Mayor, Town of Carefree
  I have received many emails wanting to know why Bike Week was only "Toned Down" and not cancelled outright as reported in the Bi-Weekly local publication. The following is the explanation for that as well as the reason we have continued to issue the Permits year after year.
Arizona Bike Week is held at Westworld in Scottsdale. When Usama Abujbarah asked Mark Bradshaw to get Cave Creek involved with Bike Week activities during the Great Recession Mark informed him if that was done you wouldn't be able to stop it.
Westworld draws many tens of thousands and possibly more to their event every year. The attendees come from all over North America and beyond. Once they became accustomed to adding Cave Creek to their vacation as requested we as a community were stuck with a new status quo.
As of last Tuesday when the Sonoran News went to press the status was that the promoter of Arizona Bike Week at Westworld was under no circumstances cancelling or postponing his event. Meanwhile on Monday we were able to move Cave Creek Rodeo Days to a later date and withdraw the Special Event Permit for Cave Creek Bike Week with complete cooperation from Mark Bradshaw. Mark is logically very concerned about Covid-19 as are most informed people. Since the CDC criteria had been for no more then 50 people we were very concerned about other events as well. The Mayor of Scottsdale at that time had no intention of cancelling the Westworld Bike Events but the event lost their main music act which was Lynyrd Skynyrd who cancelled over Covid. Once things began to fall apart for them they wisely cancelled Arizona Bike Week which left us in the clear for not getting the attendees that have historically enjoyed Cave Creek as well.
Until Arizona Bike Week was cancelled "Toned Down" was the only honest description I could use. The timeline here is to the best of my memory from a very hectic week!
I am very concerned about the Pandemic and the health of our residents is the absolute highest priority I have. Cave Creek has a website and a Facebook Pag e for those interested.
From the Cave Creek Museum
Kraig Nelson, historian
         Leslie (Les) Rhuart, University of Arizona engineer, was a successful family-man in beautiful Bel Air, California. He was instrumental in developing the initial aircraft cabin-pressurization for Garrett Corporation’s AiResearch. Meanwhile, the Phoenix AiResearch division was developing gas-turbine engines and Leslie’s skills were needed; the Rhuart family relocated to Arizona for this challenging opportunity. This is where Leslie met and developed a long-term friendship with “creative visionary,” Phoenix AiResearch plant manager and Stanford engineer Tom Darlington, who later, with K.T. Palmer, a University of Arizona lawyer, developed Carefree, Arizona. Eventually, Les Rhuart was enticed to became part of the Carefree Development Corporation’s team.
Les’ job descriptions were numerous and significant as the desert-sensitive-hamlet developed. Mr. Rhuart was initially welcomed as Vice-President and General Manager, Mr. Darlington was President, and Mr. Palmer was Secretary-Treasurer. When the Carefree Water Company was formed, Les became president. When the Red Lawrence-designed, Desert Forest Golf Course opened, Les was vice-president and later president, same with the Desert Forest Inn (later named the Carefree Inn). Other activities included heading the committee to extend Scottsdale Road from Pinnacle Peak Road to Cave Creek Road; facilitating the first Carefree post office; working with the FAA for procuring the Carefree Airport; locating a Carefree drug store and grocery store operator with K. T Palmer; heading the “Scenic Drive” committee; and finally, planning the Carefree Country Club, today known as the Boulders Resort and Spa.
 When Tom Darlington died in 1969 while having dinner in the heart of Carefree, at Spanish Village, Mr. Leslie Rhuart became President of the Carefree Development Corporation.  
748 Easy St., P.O. Box 734
Carefree, AZ 85377