The East Valley Chamber of Commerce Alliance 2020 Legislative Priorities
The East Valley Chamber of Commerce is made up of seven Chambers of Commerce that include Apache Junction, Queen Creek, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale and Carefree Cave Creek. At our Legislative Breakfast on December 19, 2019 the Alliance was able to introduce our 2020 agenda to members of the Arizona Senate and House of Representatives. 
As a partner in the East Valley Chambers of Commerce I would like to introduce you to our 2020 Legislative Priorities.
The following legislative priorities outline a variety of issues that directly impact the ability of companies to grow their businesses. These statements hold true on many levels of government. The Alliance is an organization that advocates a united voice at the State and Federal levels through collaborative efforts with the Dorn Policy Group. Each Chamber individually advocates at their local level and this document is not designed to supersede the local chamber’s ability to do so; instead it is shared as an outline of important matters that affect our businesses.
Employer Rights
·        Employer rights are under siege and Arizona needs to take a strong stand to implement protections that will maintain Arizona’s status as a “right-to-work” and “employment-at-will” state.
·        Preserving a business’s ability to implement and enforce its workplace policies and workforce pay/benefits without unnecessary government intrusion or regulation, including out of state efforts to diminish Arizona employer rights through ballot initiatives.
Election Reform
·        Refer to the voters a modification of Prop 105 that establishes a supermajority threshold permitting legislative changes to unintended consequences of initiative measures passed at the ballot including a requirement of voter ratification every ten years.
Swift Federal Action
·        Immediate passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada *USMCA) Agreement.
·        Reauthorize the federal infrastructure plan (currently knows as FAST Act) in 2020 and identify long-term financing solution to modernize America’s infrastructure system.
Criminal Justice Reform
·        Reasonable efforts to reduce costs within the correctional system and reforms to reduce recidivism by providing skills training to improve the reintegration of those leaving prison into the workforce.
·        Having an innovative and competitive K-12 education marketplace that includes traditional district schools, public charter schools, and online learning with simplified, stable, equitable funding.
·        Continued measurement of our state’s education outcomes from early childhood through college and career.
·        Stable, consistent, and appropriate education funding that enhances economic development, CTED programs, graduation rate and school safety.
·        Lowering the cost of doing business through improved transparency processes dealing with consistent audits for all public-school systems, construction costs and open bids.
·      Securing the statutory authority from the Arizona Legislature to allow reauthorization of the Regional Transportation Plan.
The entire agenda can be found on the Advocacy page of Chamber website. You can also find comprehensive information about what the Alliance supports and opposes. 
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The New Year is an ideal time to consider where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going.
Over the years, Carefree has hosted many vendor-driven events to generate visitors – both residents and tourists. Similar events happening throughout the valley drove the Town to consider unique events to differentiate ourselves from others. Over the years, the Enchanted Pumpkin Garden and the Christmas Festival, along with the Thunderbird Artists Wine and Art Festivals were success stories. As time has passed, the landscape and needs of our Town have continued to change, while the events themselves grew larger.
Meanwhile successful signature restaurants and merchants have taken root. The Hampton Inn will be open for business in about a year. “The View” townhomes will commence construction within a few months. The Town has and will continue to evolve. Our marketing efforts must also continue to evolve. Instead of striving for visibility, the focus must now turn to supporting and retaining the businesses we have, while working within our limitations and assets - the size of the Carefree Desert Garden and parking.
As we move into the new year, more emphasis will be placed on partnering with our business associations and local businesses to be more in tune to the wants and needs of those who have invested in our Town. We will look to smaller events, such as Sights and Sounds in the Garden; local, inclusive family-oriented Christmas and Hanukah celebrations; events honoring and supporting veterans; and providing a platform to our local 501C3 organizations to share their message with the community.
If past years have taught us anything it is that change is hard, and that sometimes things can be more successful than we ever dreamed or occasionally disappointing. But we also know we must adapt to the changes that occur around us, and do our best to influence the future given where we are today and what we know. This cannot be done in a vacuum. We want and need to hear from you. Tell us what you like, what you don’t like and your ideas. 
  This was presented to Council during the last meeting of the year by our Town Manager Carrie Dyrek.:
Town of Cave Creek 2019 Annual Year in Review
Ended 2018 calendar year having entered into the FIRST Intergovernmental agreement between the Town and City of Phoenix which resolved the problem of the Town serving customers in the PHX water service area, but allowed the development of commercial properties with the Town of Cave Creek along Cave Creek Road and along the south side of Carefree Hwy. That development this year includes:
1.      Dutch Bros – opened , Sun Devil Auto is under construction, Sprouts will open in early 2020; other businesses located in the commercial area with Sprouts will be Chipotle, ModPizza, Chase Bank and the Hart Dental office . Jiffy Lube and Dunn Edwards Paint opened on the north side of Carefree Hwy
2.       The Council entered into a 2 nd IGA between the City of Phoenix and the Town of Cave Creek regarding water service and infrastructure in July.
Under the IGA:
·         Phoenix will construct new water lines and upon completion will take over providing water service to properties located south of Carefree Highway.
·        The Engineering Design is underway for the Phoenix water line construction project.
·        The agreement allows for an interconnect with Phoenix water lines, giving the Town an option to have Phoenix treat and deliver a portion of our CAP water, and greatly improve system reliability.
·        The agreement also allows the Town to work with Phoenix to bank a portion of our unused CAP water allocation, and allows for delivery of water from Phoenix in the event of an emergency.
3.       The project to improve the four (4) booster pump station on Town’s 12-mile CAP water delivery pipeline began this year. We have selected the sites and have begun the purchasing process to acquire the land. 
4.       New temporary Pall Water Membrane units started operation in November to supplement the existing treatment units at the Town’s CAP Water Treatment Plant. 
The water membranes:
·        Provided an immediate solution for the plant despite constraint/space issues.
Allow the utilities department to conduct a thorough engineering study to determine the best long-term solution for the Town’s water treatment needs.
5.       Kicked-off the Water Treatment and Supply Optimization Study, which should be completed by August 2020.
The study will assess:
·        Existing Trident filter equipment at Town’s water treatment plant and consider the 20-year operational, maintenance and capital costs associated with proposed improvements.
·        It will also determine the best way to make a connection with the City of Phoenix water system as outlined in the recently approved IGA between the Town and Phoenix.
6.       The design phase of the SCADA upgrade project was completed. The project will also provide new enhancements to assist the utilities department into moving towards more proactive maintenance of the system.
7.      The Rancho Manana Lift Station Improvement work is currently ongoing. This ensures reliable wastewater service in the Town Core.
8.       The Joy Ranch Well was put back into production – This well is part of the Desert Hills water system.  This is the Town’s largest production well and to took almost two months to clean the well casing and install a new pump and motor at the site.
9.      Entered into a long-term contract to repair, replace and maintain air release valves on the Town’s water and wastewater lines. These valves are required for the efficient operation of the lines.
10.  Over nearly a year the Utility Director has put together a excellent team of employees with many years of experience, knowledge and professional certifications to assist him with these critical projects and to provide continuous improvement of the water and wastewater utility systems.
1.     The Town earned a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting by the Government Finance Officers Association for Cave Creek’s fiscal year 2018 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
2.     The Town’s financial status is healthy with $13.2 million unassigned/unrestricted funds in our General Fund. The Town has contracted with a financial advisor to work with the Town to assist us with establishing a financial plan to ensure there is adequate funding for our vital projects.
3.     Our Wage and Benefit Study for all Town positions is also under way. The study results are important to ensure our position wages and benefits are in line with the market to ensure we are competitive to attract and retain top talent.
1.       The Planning Department had to overcome the unexpected and sudden departure of the Director. With the retirement of Ian Cordwell after more than 22 years of service to the Town of Cave Creek due to health issues , Luke Kautzman was hired as the Planning Director.
2.       Michael Baker International has been selected as the Town’s consultant for the General Plan Update – the website for General Plan update has been launched (
3.       Proposed Zoning Ordinance and Town Code amendments related to SIGNAGE to achieve content neutral regulation per the Supreme Court ruling in the Reed vs Gilbert case.
4.       Proposed Zoning Ordinance amendments for Community Residences which align with state and federal fair housing legislation. Coming to Council in early 2020
5.       MICRO Hospital – Another development possible due to the 2 IGA’s with Phoenix-Processed a Zone Change and Site Plan for a Micro-Hospital providing emergency medical services west of the intersection of Cave Creek Road and Carefree Highway. They have already applied for permits with construction starting in 2020.
6.       Permit valuations in Town totaled $33,448,776 through November this year, up 18% over 2018 including 47 new homes .
7.       The Town entered into a long-term agreement with the Cave Creek Rodeo Committee that provides benefits to both the Town and Committee to ensure the success of the annual PRCA rodeo; providing for needed upgrades to the rodeo grounds and facilities and identifying the responsibilities for the Town and Committee :
Upgrades and improvements to the town’s rodeo grounds, include:
·        Reconfigured the timed end of the main arena.
·        Added a return alley to the arena, making the facility more user friendly for roping events.
·        Upgraded arena lights to be more energy efficient and enhance visibility.
8.     Other Town Sponsored Special events held this year include the Wild West Days one hundred horse ride; the Town produced yet another successful Taste of Cave Creek and this year hosted a new event-the Health and Wellness Fair -all very well done
1.       Public Works Dept and Town Marshal’s office addressed safety issues in the Town Core by having CROSSWALKS improved and/or installed . Speed radar signs were also installed in Town .
2.       Spur Cross Road Overlay Improvements were completed in June, paving and sealing approximately 3 miles of road, starting at the intersection with Cave Creek Road to Fleming Springs. And roadway north of Honda Bow Road.
1.       AND This fall the Mayor and Council along with the Town Manager and Department Directors worked with a facilitator to develop the Town of Cave Creek Mission, Vision, and Goals that sets the direction for the Town and how we do business.
 We will roll this out in the new year and will be incorporating this plan into the development of the budget and the functions of each department.
I am pleased that the voters allow me to continue being a part of the forward
movement of the Town. Thank You!
From the Cave Creek Museum
Kraig Nelson, historian
       The arrival of the horse in North and South America was transformative. During Columbus’ second voyage, in 1493, the horse was introduced to the West Indies. Hernan Cortes, the Spanish Conquistador, brought the horse to North America in 1519 (Veracruz, Mexico today). Life would never be the same in the “New World” for future Anglos or Native Americans because of this useful, iconic, and magnificent animal. One might think the history of the horse began in Europe, or perhaps Eurasia where the horse was domesticated about 5,500 years ago in Kazakhstan; but it didn’t. The history of the horse began in North America about fifty-six million years ago (when they were the size of small dogs) and ended with extinction, about 7,600 years ago. As former Carefree resident and nationally syndicated radio broadcaster, the late Paul Harvey, used to say, “And now… the rest of the story!”
   At one time, scientists believed horses became extinct before the “peopling” of America; that is, when Paleoarchaics (formerly Paleoindians) using the land-bridge called Beringia, crossed from today’s Siberia into today’s Alaska. This “bridge” manifested due to lower sea-levels during the last Ice Age, the Pleistocene. Due to new (2009) DNA evidence from the University of Calgary, the early horse and humans could have lived together for up to 6,000 years, although  horses were hunted for food. How did horses survive after becoming extinct in North America? Interestingly, as humans were entering North America, horses were leaving North America, using the same land-bridge…Beringia.

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