There are two very important issues coming up you need to be aware of. 
For Carefree businesses and residents there is a proposed sewer rate hike coming before the Corporation Committee in early September. In a nutshell, the proposed increase is approximately 37%. A lot of information can be found on the Chamber website on the Advocacy tab; Liberty Utilities Rate Increase Information If you still have questions it’s best to contact Carefree town hall.

The second issue to be aware of is the upcoming elections. If you aren’t registered to vote you still have time. The cut-off to register and be eligible to vote in the general election is October 5. Every vote counts but this year your vote is even more important!

Learn all you can about the initiatives that will appear on the ballot so that your vote is an educated one. 

One thing to be reminded of is Arizona has one of the toughest voter protection acts in the country. When an initiative is voted on at the ballot box these things become a part of the Arizona Constitution. 

Patty Villeneuve
Virtual Tour Host: Vet's Built Contracting
Join your fellow Chamber Members for a a virtual tour, Q & A and monthly opportunity to network!
Always the second Wednesday every month.
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Come join your fellow Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber Members for an informational monthly presentation. Our speaker has information important to your business.
Meeting ID: 602 295 9422
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Soroptimist intl / Saguaro Foothills 
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Our Lady of Joy 
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Carefree Floors
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Jane Ceasor Insurance 
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Cox Business 
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Karsten’s Ace Cave Creek
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Pima Norte Office Suites Whitestone REIT 
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Giordano's Trattoria Romana 
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Gold Mine Thrift Store 
9 Years
Prima Dance Arizona 
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Foothills Animal Rescue 
Judith Weaver/ Success Property 
7 Years
Reliance Refrigeration 
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Cave creek Unified Education Foundation 
Sesame Inn 
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Cave Creek Equine Surgical & Imaging Center 
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Cornerstone Irrigation 
E’clips Salon 
Southwest Veterans Foundation 
Well Adjusted Chiropractic 
1 Year
4ci Management 
American Family Insurance- Laswick Agency
Black Mountain Home Watch 
Everett Allen Group 
Elysian Desert Distilleries 
North Valley Locksmith 
RPM Extermination 

Welcome to the Chamber of Commerce community! We look forward to seeing you and getting to know you at our events.

Carefree Property Group - Russ Lyon Sotheby's - Debbie Omundson
Carefree Property Group - Russ Lyon Sotheby's - Susan Folts
Carefree Property Group - Russ Lyon Sotheby's - Annalisa Grace
The Robert Christopher Company
United Country Real Estate-Champion Properties-Brian Hauser
Boot Camp sessions have been extended through the end of September, including a special session featuring Arizona Public Service Electric (APS) that will provide a first look into their new small business growth tool, SizeUp Arizona!
If you missed any sessions this week, watch here.
SESSION 76: TUESDAY - September 1 | 9:00 AM
The ABCs of Business: Revenue vs. Profit
Knowing the difference between revenue and profit in your business is critical, but can be difficult to understand. In this session, hear from the experts at SCORE on how to differentiate the two and learn why only focusing on increasing your revenue can be a mistake.

SESSION 77: THURSDAY - September 3 | 9:00 AM
How to Attract and Retain Customers During COVID-19
Learn how to market to and keep customers during COVID-19, featuring the experts at Elite Entrepreneurs. Hear a variety of examples of creative ways companies have attracted and kept customers during times of uncertainty.

SESSION 78: THURSDAY - September 10 | 9:00 AM
Using Data to Grow Your Small Business
Get a first look at Arizona Public Service's new small business tool: SizeUp Arizona. Learn how this tool provides statewide support to small/medium businesses and entrepreneurs with competitive intelligence, advertising analysis, demographic analysis as well as business and industry analysis. Grow your small business and stay ahead of your competitors using SizeUp Arizona's groundbreaking and award winning technology!
The Cave Creek Unified School District Governing Board is in the process of searching for a new District Superintendent. To assist in this process, the Board has secured the assistance of the Arizona School Boards Association (ASBA). One aspect of the search is to collect the thoughts of community stakeholders related to the position of superintendent. To assist in accomplishing this, ASBA has established an E-survey that can be accessed through the District’s web-page or the link below beginning August 19, 2020. 
The survey will remain open until September 14, 2020, at noon. The Board is hoping to collect a large number of responses from community members, staff members, and students.  Please take time to access this important survey and respond with your thoughts. The information gathered will be presented to the Governing Board on September 21, 2020. Information gathered and presented will not identify individuals who respond to the survey.
Thank you for your support of the Cave Creek Unified School District.  
Looking ahead, the economic crystal ball is pretty fuzzy, and we need to look at the prospect that out of state destination tourism is going to be minimal until at least next Spring. More than ever, it’s important that we look inward towards our own community and the Greater Phoenix trade area to make the Carefree/Cave Creek area the choice of destination as we head into the fall and Holiday Seasons. And while out of state visitors may be fewer and further in between, and as summer wanes, the people of this community, as well as Greater Phoenix area, will be itching to get out of hibernation. We will have a captive audience of consumers that have not vacationed, and are sick of Amazon, Netflix and making Tic Tok dances. They will be looking for the best experiences Arizona has to offer.

Now more than ever, we need to work together. United, this community will thrive. Our service offer, events and activities need to expand beyond our individual interests. Instead of marketing to compete with the business next door, or holding individual events, reach out and figure out how you can work together to share more consumers. It could be as a simple as a referral program, for every customer you touch, recommend another local business. By utilizing critical mass, developing a comprehensive service offer, and chain referral marketing we can focus on a larger value proposition, and getting more from each visitor, while encouraging reasons to come back. 

To this endeavor, Carefree is committed to using its public space as a productive tool to encourage safe and meaningful business traffic. Already offering exercise classes in the Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion, through local businesses owners, Carefree has put together an excellent slate of local musicians to play the Pavilion every Friday and Saturday from September 18 through October 31, and we are looking to enhance these activities by encouraging local businesses to be a part of the activities from happy hour to art walks. And while we can’t host large events, we will be continuing with creating a festive environment through the Holidays, with a focus on local community events.

I encourage businesses to reach out and engage. Get active with the Carefree Cave Creek Chamber, your neighbors and local community. The Town of Carefree is committed to this endeavor, and as always, email me at or call me at 623-694-2605, to share your ideas on working together.
  September, tolerable morning lows and perhaps a trend to more favorable temperatures.

I want to take this opportunity to Thank everyone who supported me in the recent election. Speaking of the Election and all of the volunteer hours that go into serving the Community I have a few thoughts.

Because we have 2 year terms and my length of service as a Council member, Vice Mayor, and your Mayor I have been involved in 8 elections. I am very dismayed to see what has happened to the process. I have never seen in Cave Creek an election with so much vitriol, false promises, lies, spin, and misinformation. With the Council/Manager form of Government Cave Creek has, the only reliable promise we can make is to make the best decisions we can faced with the information we have.

 It takes 4 votes for for most things to pass and there are even issues that take a super majority. To blatantly make policy promises that start out with "I will" are nothing short of deceitful.

 Having said that I believe we need to get more and younger blood into the decision making processes. But, the environment of a campaign is counterproductive to recruiting anyone who might have the time and inclination to become involved.

 Cave Creek can do better and be better than this!
History Highlights
Kraig Nelson, Cave Creek Museum Historian
When Arizona became a territory February 24, 1863 Prescott did not exist, this is why Fort Whipple became the first Territorial Capital of the future forty-eighth State. The original site for Fort Whipple, in Chino Valley, was between twelve and twenty miles (historians differ) north of today’s Prescott. The site for future Prescott, along with a new site for Fort Whipple, was selected by the first Territorial Governor, John Noble Goodwin following a tour of the area. This new location was on the bank of Granite Creek, closer to the mining operations Fort Whipple was protecting.
Mr. Goodwin was not President Lincoln’s first choice for governor, John A. Gurley was. On the eve of his journey to the new territory, Mr. Gurley died from an appendicitis attack. Interestingly, in today’s Prescott, we find Gurley Street, Goodwin Street, and Whipple Street. In 1870, General George Stoneman, Jr., the first military commander for the new Arizona Territory, blazed a “shortcut” to Fort Whipple and Prescott through future Cave Creek. The founding date for the Town of Cave Creek is 1870, based on General Stoneman’s journey through future Cave Creek (a multi-hour respite for Stoneman), from Camp McDowell (today, Fort McDowell) to Fort Whipple and Prescott.
During a public meeting in a crude log cabin, on May 30, 1864, Prescott was officially proclaimed a town, and in 1881, Prescott was incorporated. The naming of Prescott was not a simple process. Historian Marshall Trimble in his book ARIZONA, A Cavalcade of HISTORY, tells us the initial name for the new town was Gimletville (gimlet is an instrument for boring a hole in wood, not the cocktail created around 1928). Prescott historian, Dewey E. Born, in his book Stories of Early Prescott, said Goodwin was another suggested name, clearly incorporating the first governor’s name. Cat Moody who is in charge of “historic preservation” for the City of Prescott, adds three additional possible town names; Audubon, Goodwinville, and Aztlan.
Historian Trimble informs us it was Richard McCormick who was Secretary of the Territory at the time (and second Governor), possessed an extremely popular history book: The History of the Conquest of Mexico, published in 1843. The author’s name was William Hickling Prescott (May 4, 1796 – January 29, 1859). It was Mr. McCormick who suggested the name Prescott for the new town and Capital. The new name was agreed because Harvard educated Prescott was known as one of the first great American historians, and a true patriot with unquestioned character. His father was a lawyer and his grandfather fought for America, as a Colonel, during the Revolutionary War.
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