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Wednesday, 3/18:
PTA Meeting, 6:30 pm

Thursday, 3/26:
Shepherd's Circus, 6 pm

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Shop for Shepherd!

Did you know that many local stores like Giant and Safeway will donate a percentage of your purchases to Shepherd?

Visit the PTA website to find out how:   Shop for Shepherd!

Action Required!

The city is proposing to cancel the final phase of renovations for Shepherd Elementary!

Look for emails and check the website for how to raise your voice and support Shepherd's renovations.

Music for Mustangs!


Our talented new music teacher, Mr. Rudy Gonzalez, wants to give all Shepherd students the opportunity to play a musical instrument. To make that dream a reality, we need your help to purchase musical instruments!


The Shepherd PTA is sponsoring the first Shepherd crowd-funding effort. Click here (http://www.shepherd-elementary.org/support-us/music-for-mustangs/) to make a contribution to Music for Mustangs and see what prizes you can earn!


Don't forget to watch the Music for Mustangs video, featured on Shepherd's website!


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The Mustang is looking for a few good writers to serve as contributors to the The Student Scoop, a student-written column that will appear in every Mustang.  

Keep your schoolmates up to date on what's happening at Shepherd for a student's-eye view!

If you are interested, please send an email to 
Subject: Student Writer

We want your voice in the Mustang!

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The Mustang is the biweekly newsletter for Shepherd Elementary and community.  


We welcome community-relevant submissions of announcements (100-200 words) or articles (300-500 words) to add to the newsletter.  


The Mustang is published on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month; please submit items two weeks in advance in order to be included in the next Mustang.



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March 16, 2015 

Welcome to the Mustang e-Newsletter!  

Look for a new publication every 1st and 3rd Monday to stay connected with Shepherd school and community news. 


For emails and website updates on our effort to get funding to complete the 
renovations at Shepherd.
A Word from the Principal
Greetings Shepherd Families!

Please Follow Us on Twitter @ShepherdDCPS

Shepherd is a busy place.  Since the last publication we have had a basketball championship game which resulted in our boys being named the city wide b asketball champs and our girls ranking 3rd in the city.   Congratulations, Mustang players! We had our culminating black history program, which was about Jackie Robinson.  Our youngest learners enjoyed a puppet show.  We celebrated Dr. Seuss.  We took a school wide field trip to Imagination Stage and we kicked off our March Madness Reading competition with a school wide pep rally.   During the pep rally our cheerleaders cheered, we celebrated our basketball teams and staff members showed their basketball skills through a shoot out to earn points for their class.     Who says you can ' t have fun while you learn?  To see pictures from these events and future events, follow us on Twitter through your own Twitter account or by visiting our school ' s website. 

Deficiency Notices
Students who are Not Yet Meeting grade level expectations will receive deficiency notices Monday.  Please be sure to check your child ' s backpack and follow-up with your student ' s teacher if you have questions.

For the next three weeks, students in grades 3rd through 5th will be taking the first of two of their end of year assessments.  The first assessment is the computerized performance based assessment portion of the test.  For more information or to take the practice test please visit:  http://www.parcconline.org/math-pba-here

Lost and Found
Every day, boys and girls are leaving their coats, jackets, sweaters, hats, and lunch boxes on the school grounds. Those items without student's names are picked up and brought to our lost and found, located in front of the office. During the school year when the pile gets high we donate these items to missions and shelters. During spring break we will be donating any items left in our lost and found.  Please be sure to check or have your child check the lost and found by Friday, April 10, 2015.

Have a great week!

Jamie Miles


Save the Date:
Shepherd's Spring Gala and Auction
Dust off your dancing shoes; this year's PTA Gala and Auction has a salsa theme.  No, not that spicy condiment -we're talking music!  Save the date and plan to join us for a very special evening. More information will be coming soon, but for now, here's the need-to-know:

Shepherd parents, teachers, alumni, neighbors, and family members - in fact, anyone interested in supporting our school and having a great time.  But, leave the kids at home; this event is adults only.

Shepherd ' s biggest fundraising event of the year.  The gala features dinner, entertainment, silent and live auctions and this year, courtesy of our wonderful music teacher
Mr. Gonzalez and his salsa band ... music!

Saturday, May 16, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.

In the beautiful atrium at Wilson Senior High School.

The PTA raises money to help fund some of those "extras"not covered by the school' s annual budget and this is your chance to help us do that.  Plus, the event is a wonderful opportunity to socialize with parents, staff, and members of the community.

How can I participate?

By planning to attend: We ha ve dropped ticket prices this year to $35, to make it more affordable for more families. 

By volunteering to help: contact the PTA at
info@shepherd-elementary.org if interested. 

By donating or soliciting auction items: we ' ll be sending out more information on that soon.


The Student Scoop
Written by:  Kennedy Mack, 3rd Grader
Hello Mustang, this is your Student Scoop ! 

I have two big scoops for the Shepherd Mustangs.  On Tuesday, March 10, 2015, we had a pep rally in the auditorium to celebrate the boys' and girls' basketball teams. The boys'basketball team is the City-Wide Champion.  The girls'basketball team came in third place in the City-Wide Championship tournament.   The cheerleaders did a lot of cheers for both of the Mustang basketball teams.  The coach for the girls and boys basketball team is Mr. Walcott.

Also during the pep rally, the school had its own March Madness fun when most teachers got two chances to make a shot for their class. The students cheered for their teachers to make winning shots.  The teachers who made the shots were Mr. Leonard, Mr. Walcott, Mr. Velez, Ms. McIntyre, and Ms. Hamer.

The second big scoop is the school wide reading competition called "March Madness".  Each class is assigned a university basketball team and my class has the University of Maryland.  Each student is to read at least 30 minutes a day to get points for his or her class.  The class with the most points at the end of March wins the competition.  The winning "March Madness"class gets a free field trip of their choice.  If my class wins, we want to go to Sky Zone.

Important Traffic Safety Reminders
Traffic continues to be a concern for members of the Shepherd community.  To solve this issue we as a community must do better.  Every time we take short cuts, grow impatient and fail to adhere to traffic rules, we are putting our students in danger.  It should not have to take something tragic to happen to encourage us to make better decisions.    

?      Please remain 100% attentive during morning arrival and afternoon dismissal.

?     Please drive below the speed limit.

?     When dropping off or picking up your student, please pull up to 14th street curb.  Do not stop in the middle of the street or double park.

?     Students should enter and exit their car on the school side of the street.

?     The 14th street curb is a pick-up and drop off zone between the hours of 8:00 and 4:30.   Cars may not be left unattended.

?     If you are unable to find a spot along 14th street in front of the school, circle until a space becomes available or find a parking space and walk your student to the sidewalk.

?     Please refrain from blocking cross walks, double parking or making U-turns.

?      Please be patient, slow-down and remain respectful.   Remember our students are watching and learning from our actions.   Not following the traffic rules or displaying road rage not only sets a negative example for our students, it also puts the lives of our Shepherd family members at risk.  


Would You Like to Do More?


Volunteer to put out cones in at 8:00 am and/or 3:00 pm.


Volunteer to direct traffic during morning drop off and/or afternoon pick up.


*Please contact the main office if you are or plan to volunteer to help resolve our traffic woes. 

News and Announcements
Volunteers Needed: PTA Nominating Committee

The PTA is looking for a small group of parents for a short-term, but very important volunteer activity.  We need three to five parents to serve as this year ' s nominating committee  to nominate next year ' s PTA officers.  If interested, please contact any PTA officer or e-mail us at info@shepherd-elementary.org, but we need to hear from you before the PTA meeting on Wednesday, March 18.

Nominating committee volunteers may not be current PTA officers or LSAT members or immediate family members of/living in the same household as current PTA officers or LSAT members.  Also, if you ' re interested in running for next year ' s PTA or LSAT, you should not serve on the nominating committee.

The nominating committee will be elected at the March PTA meeting.  It will present its nominations at the April PTA meeting and will conduct the election at the May PTA meeting.  The PTA Bylaws, posted on our website, provide additional details.  The current PTA officers can also further explain the role.

Join the Fun!
Upcoming Family Engagement Events

Shepherd Presents:
The Greatest Show Imaginable

Come to our amazing show!

Meet us under the Big Top for this family engagement activity.   The show will feature PS, PK, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade performers.  

When: Thursday, March 26th at 6 pm
Where: In the Big Top (Auditorium)
Who: Shepherd Family and Friends

Students must be accompanied by an adult. 

Hot dogs, popcorn, and juice will be served!  

You're Invited to 
Run with the Tigers!

Register now for the 3/28/15 Tenley Tiger Run!! 

This inaugural run will have simultaneous 5K and 3K races followed by a Fun Run for the kids.  Beginning and ending at Wilson High School, the run is sponsored by the Wilson PTSO and Track Boosters, and benefits Wilson's six running teams. 

Go to www.TenleyTigerRun.com TODAY to register, donate, or sponsor!  

Email: info@TenleyTigerRun.com

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7800 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20012