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11/14 - 11/24, 8 am - 3 pm:
Thanksgiving Food Drive 

PTA Meeting

11/19 - 12/15, 8 am - 3 pm:
Loose Change Fundraiser

Parent Academy

Thur - Fri, 11/27 - 28:
Thanksgiving Holiday, School Closed

Last Day to Order School Spirit Wear

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November 17, 2014 

Welcome to the Mustang e-Newsletter!  

Look for a new publication every 1st and 3rd Monday to stay connected with Shepherd school and community news.    

A Word from Principal Miles 

Greetings Shepherd Family,


The first quarter has come to an end.  Our students continue to work hard and make gains daily.  Thank you for attending your student's conference.  I hope that you found the time with your teacher beneficial and you walked away with things you can do to support your student at home.   If you did not receive your student's' report card on conference day, it was sent home with your student on Friday.  We appreciate your support and please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher with questions you may have about your child's progress. 

Resident Principal
Next, week Mrs. Berry-Young our resident principal will be leading. If you contact me with a question or concern, you may hear from her.   Mrs. Berry-Young is a Mary Jane Patterson fellow.  She is a member of the 2nd cohort of DCPS employees who are enrolled in an intense training program to become a DCPS principal.  Mrs. Hunter (Shepherd's AP) is a member of the fellowship.   


Spirit Wear is Back

Please don't delay. Order your school spirit wear today.  The deadline for ordering is November 30, 2014.  To order click here:  http://stores.blue84spirit.com/DC000-1

Electronics at School
Students should not bring valuables to school. The school is not responsible for stolen articles. In addition, it is not suggested that certain electronic devices be brought to school. These items include iPods, radios, mp-3 players, electronic games, and cell phones. Items confiscated by any staff member, must be picked up by a parent/guardian. Should a parent need to contact a student in case of emergency during school hours, please call the school office and the child will be called to the office. If your child brings a cell phone to school, it must be turned off upon entering the building and remain off during the school day. Students may turn their cell phones on after dismissal.  E-Readers are allowed for reading purposes only. However, please think about the value of your item and your student's level of responsibility before allowing your students to bring it to school. 


Lost and Found

Please, Please, Please stress to your student the importance of keeping up with their items.  We recently donated a large bag of coats, jackets and lunch boxes to a local shelter.   We keep lost and found items for a month. At the end of the month, we bag the items and donate them to a local shelter.  The lost and found is currently located in the main office.  However, it will be moved to the gymnasium after the Thanksgiving break. 


Mustang Bucks

Students have been working hard to earn Mustang Bucks from Shepherd staff members.  On a daily basis Shepherd staff members are looking for students who are exhibiting IB attributes.  These "Bucks" may be cashed in for prizes and special events throughout the school year.  The first event will take place Friday.   Please ask your students how much money they have earned.  If they have not earned any money, there is still time for them to earn a few bucks!


Parent Academy

Our next academy will take place on Thursday, November 20th at 8:15 AM.  Our topic: Common Core - What is All the Talk About. Parents will learn about the educational "Shifts", how they can support these "shifts" at home and participate in a mock exam.  The event will take place in the school's computer lab. 


Doughnuts for Dad

This past week we had over 30 fathers attend Doughnuts for Dad.  Fathers/Father figures in attendance heard a presentation from The Fatherhood Empowerment and Educational Development (FEED) Program which is designed to support fathers in contributing positively to the well-being of their children.   We look forward to continuing this partnership and engaging in future dialogue. 


Have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Jamie Miles


A Message from the PTA
As we continue to have a great school year - we also look ahead to all of the activities that support our school and create a dynamic learning environment.   We need your help! Please see volunteer opportunities below and contact the PTA to sign-up (info@shepherd-elementary.org).

180 Fund Coordinator - Promote the 180 Fund with Shepherd Families.  The 180 Fund supports PTA activities like equipment for the school and supplies for teachers.  We ask families to commit to a donation of $1/day of school - $180 for the year!


Teacher Wish List Coordinator - Each year the PTA allots funding for teachers to purchase some classroom supplies.  Teachers may have additional items or equipment that they are interested in purchasing.  This year, we are piloting using Amazon for teachers to create Teacher Wish Lists.  Parents can go to their teacher's wish list to purchase additional items for their child's classroom.  We need a volunteer to help coordinate this process and serve as a resource for the teachers.


Photographer - Capture images of the Shepherd community in action at Shepherd events. 


Water for PTA meetings - Do you like basic logistics?  Volunteer to pick up cases of water for PTA meetings.  Expense reimbursable by the PTA.


School Supplies Coordinator - At the end of the school year, teachers in each grade create a list of supplies that students will need to provide at the start of the next school year.  Families have the option of purchasing these supplies in a boxed set through an office supply company at the end of the year.  The supplies are delivered to the school at the start of the next year.  We need a volunteer to coordinate with teachers to develop lists and order supplies at the end of the year and coordinate distribution at the start of next year.


Fall Fest Coordinator - Volunteer to coordinate next year's Fall Fest.  Participate in the wrap-up of this year's Fall Fest so you will be ready to go for next year!


Other News:

The A to Z Online Directory of Shepherd students is coming soon!  The directory will be easily accessible on your phone through a free app and can only be viewed by families and staff at Shepherd.


Paper copies of the directory will also be available.  Visit the Welcome Center in the school office for an opt-out form if you do not want your family's information included in the directory. 


Have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving Holiday!

Shepherd's IB PYP Corner
Friday, October 31st, marked the end of our first Academic Advisory for the school year 2014-2015 and the Awards Assembly was held on November 7th. Students were recognized for their achievement in Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, IB Learner Profile of Caring and Inquirer, and Perfect Attendance.


Congratulations to:


Award Recipient
Daniel Levine, Samantha Harrison, Chris-Wise Bedtad, Zanyla Gray-Vest, Jacob Matthews, Ellison Doomes, Freeman Snoddy, Danarielle Charles, Emil Hanna, Kamoore Marshall, Bret Davis, Jewel Jones, Travis Parker, Lee Bruner, Chyna Holloway, Radha Tanner, Bianca Popa, Yonatan Shewangzew, and Dakota Inniss
Kendal Lacey, Daniel Messing, Kenia Grigsby, Isabella Gonzales, Adrian Lynch, Jebasei Sloan, Erik Lindo, Anton Arrington, Jean-Vieve Joyeux, Nylah Coward, Madison Proctor, Lena Webb, Ruadhan Keller-Mcleer, Tobias Lindo, Tsitsi Shabazz, Joseph Wells, Eva Doomes, Zora Pauk, Shaina Adams, and Timia Snow 
Eleanor Coulibaly, Kellis Webb, Derek Daniels, Silas Wells, Chike Lynch-Huria, Addyson Tyler Lynch, Zion Banks, Kadar Muir, Lindell Murray, Sean Reece, Sarah Rice, Rashad Biddle, Sean Holmes, Benjamin White, and Jean-Pierre Roberts 
Social Studies
Micah Lewis, Kallay Secka, Timothy Snow, Peyton wood, Imani Akers, Nia Dunham, Nasa'n Gordon, Claudia Goletiani, Carys Nelson, Jaala Taylor(Citizenship), Kyle Bowman, Johnathan Jennings, and Victoria Newson
IB Caring
Emerie Hines, Nora Eliot, Dalia Bolanos, Michael Lewis, Nahema Konate, Angelina Alegre, Taylor Ashley, Emil Hanna, Ivori Jennings, Summer Babb, Ahmedsalim Camara, Cifani Dakka, Kiriakos Alevras, Malakai Lagasca, Avari Moore, Solomon Davis, Eden Sileshi, Damari Smith, Elijah Denning, Carys Nelson, Brianna Royall, Erin Askew, Jalyn Hall, Savannah Robinson, Tais Moore, Amari Hall, Sofia Park-Jadotte, Victoria Newson, and Rosa Robles Teachers/Staff: Mrs. LaShahn Booth, Mrs. Carole McNealy,  Mrs. Beverly Johnson, Ms. Elizabeth Guldin,  Ms. Anne Charles, Ms. Gail Liggins, Ms. Tenishia Whren, Ms. Miriama Conte, Ms. Delphine Lester, Mrs. Robyn Brooks, Ms. Kimberly Nelson, Ms. Angelica Akers, Mr. Larry Jamrs, Ms. Rose Roberts, and Ms. Margaret Powell- Mallory
IB Inquirer
Matthew Kadida, Sophia Abebe, Triston Kee, Jacob Matthews, Isabella Gonzales, Audrey Kain, Winston Woods, Sala Queen, Adrian Hanna, Ahmir Thomas, Jayden Campbell, Kiriakos Alevras, Cifani Dakka, Panagiotis Alevras, Love Reynolds Gordon, Chaunce Allen, Adrian Cook, Ruadhan Keller-Mcleer, Aaron Smith, Sarah Rice, Nicholas Anagnostopoulos, Nelson Alston, Savannah Alexander, Rashad Biddle, Cierra Barnette, Kyle Bohman, Fahari Dominique, Victoria Newson, Kayla Muir, and Johnathan Jennings. Teachers/Staff: Ms. Renee Hamer, Ms. Ashley Hart, Ms. Nicole Pethtel, Mme. Koutouan Gadie, Ms. Christina Tiffany, and Mr. Rudy Gonzalez
Perfect Attendance
Daniel Messing, Sydney Mack, Kaden Brown, Kaylee Barrett, Adrian Hanna, Erik Lindo, Dianna Acevedo Orellana, Danarielle Charles, Isaiah Ricks, Kallay Secka, Alison Sorto-Reyes, Zora White, Taylor Ashley, Derek Daniels, Emil Hanna, Winston Woods, Ana Castillo-Zepeda, Elijah Retamoza, Love Reynolds-Gordon, Aminata Sissoko, Amina Brown, Cifani Dakka, Samuel Elliott, Derek Marcus, Amaya Stallworth, Ellenna Wood, Zion Banks, Christopher Castillo-Zepeda, Taylor Joiner, Alexandre Ritter, Eden Sileshi, Damari Smith, Kayla Bethea, Alexander Carter, Yasmina Konate, Tobias Lindo, Malchiah Marable, Kennedy Mack, Deja Page, Sarah Rice, Farrah Richmond, Dina Johannes, Nicolaus Carter, Aaliyah Hatten, Romy Herisse, Sean Holmes, Kalkidan Kebede, Stephen Levine, Logan Lewis, Kayla Muir, David Okechukwu, Carlos Peterson, Yonatan Shewangzew, Nana Sissoko, Marie-Therece Tata, Miliki Lee, Deborah Okechukwu, and Aidon Shaw 


Have a great week and an enjoyable Thanksgiving!

Sandra Hart

IB Coordinator


News and Announcements

 for Prospective Families

Making Change
 with Loose Change

Do you think we can Collect 500 or more cans??


Who: The Student Government of Shepherd is collecting Can foods and other Non-Perishable items to donate to S.O.M.E. (SO OTHERS MIGHT EAT)

What: Bring 2 or more canned food items to school and help fill your box 

When: Friday, November 14 - Monday, November 24


Why: The S.O.M.E. organization provides services for the poor, the elderly and individuals with mental illness. Did you know.... If each student and staff member brings in just 2 cans, we can collect about 800 cans!!! WOW! Can you imagine if we brought in even more... We can take care of lots of families and help them to have a nice Thanksgiving Meal!! 


Help make the 
Thanksgiving Food Drive 
a HUGE success! 

Donation Ideas:
  • Canned fruit
  • Canned milk
  • Canned vegetables
  • Boxed pasta
  • Boxed potatoes
  • Boxed stuffing
  • Pancake mix


On Wednesday, November 12, 2014, current Shepherd families Jen Liberto and Theo Francis (PK4 parents) and Holly Ramsawh and Jamil Madati (PS3 parents) hosted an after-work gathering for prospective families at the home of Jen and Theo. The meet-and-greet was planned in conjunction with other recruitment/outreach activities, including updates to the website providing info for prospective families. 


It was a great turnout, with over a dozen prospective families attending.  In addition, the school was represented at the meet-and-greet by Principal Miles, Asst. Principal Hunter, IB coordinator Ms. Hart, and PS3 teacher Mrs. Johnson. 


The hosts would like to thank the current families who attended the meet-and-greet: Jennell Alexander and Erica Turnipseed-Webb .  Also, a big thank you to Lisa Jabaily and Simon Messing  for supplying the delicious apple cider, and Marjie and Jonathan Levine  for helping to spread the word. 

A shout out to Theo and Jamil, who babysat several lively toddlers and older children during the event!




The PTA Loose Change Fundraiser


Starting on Wednesday, November 19th, 2014 please bring quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies to school and fill up the loose change bag in your classroom. We also accept bills ($20; $10; $5; $1)!



Wednesday, November 19 - Monday, December 15  



Proceeds benefit a needy family for Christmas as well as support needed changes at our school.


Join the loose change challenge . . .  a special PIZZA PARTY prize for the class that collects the most!


shepherd elementary | (202) 734-8201 | carabiddle@me.com | http://www.shepherd-elementary.org/
7800 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20012