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November 3, 2014 

Welcome to the Mustang e-Newsletter!  

Look for a new publication every 1st and 3rd Monday to stay connected with Shepherd school and community news.    

A Word from Principal Miles 

Greetings Shepherd Family,


I hope you are well.  Time continues to move quickly but with the ending of daylight saving time this past weekend, we can celebrate an extra hour in our day! Here are a few reminders for the upcoming weeks.


Parent Teacher Conferences

It is conference time!  We expect 100% attendance.  Please be on the look out  for sign-up information from your child's teacher.

Weather Changes

The weather is changing.  Please make sure your student comes dressed appropriately. If it is not raining and the temperature is above freezing, we will go outside for recess.  Please be sure to label all clothing items.


Enrollment Audit

Shepherd's Enrollment audit will take place on November 6, 2014.  It is imperative that all families comply with Mrs. Brooks request for additional information (if needed) and make sure your student attends school and arrives on time.   The results of the audit dictates the amount of funding we will receive in the upcoming year.

Have a great week!

Jamie Miles


A Message from the PTA
Thank YOU for Fall Fest Success!

What a great Fall Fest!  The weather could not have been better and we had a wonderful turnout.  A big thank you to Sherilyn and all the folks that volunteered to make this even happen!  We have many more events planned for the school year and we will continue to need volunteers to make them happen so come help make them happen! 

There is a great opportunity for anyone interested in facilitating parental engagement with the school.  We urgently need a parent to head up the PTA's Family Engagement Committee.  Help reach out to new families and engage current families in the school to plan non-academic and non-fundraising activities throughout the year.  Activities could include picnics or charitable initiatives.  Please contact me or any of the PTA officers if you are interested in helping!

Also . . . don't forget the next PTA Meeting is scheduled Wednesday, November 19th.

Have a great Fall!


Shepherd's IB PYP Corner

The school year is off to a great start and we are well into our second unit of inquiry in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP). 


Units of Inquiry

Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten - Theme: Who we are

Kindergarten - Theme: How we organize ourselves

First Grade - Theme: Sharing the planet

Second & Third Grade - Theme: How the world works

Fourth & Fifth Grade - Theme: Where we are in place and time

Please see your classroom Newsletter for the details of each one.


Passport to Peace

This school year, Shepherd is implementing the Passport to Peace program. The Program uses the IB PYP Attitudes to encourage students to develop as caring, peaceful and responsible citizens in our world. Students have begun to take part in a fascinating trip, using a passport of twelve IB PYP Attitudes.  They will be learning, developing and applying each of the attitudes in their everyday lives.Thus far, students have learned about confidence, independence, and empathy. This week, the journey will continue with cooperation.


  • Home Connections: Traveling with my Family            Depending on the grade level, students have a Passport or a Planner with activities for each attitude. If your child is recognized for demonstrating one of the traits that have been covered, they will get to wear the lanyard for that trait during the day and come home with a certificate and a parent reflection sheet. Please keep the certificate at home, sign and return the parent refection sheet to your teacher for filing in student's IB Portfolio. The final activity for each attitude is a family reflection page. Parents, please be on the lookout for this reflection page to complete with your child.  If you have questions about the program, please contact your child's teacher or Mrs. S. Hart.

Learner Profile

The Learner Profile for the month is Thinker. A thinker exercises initiative in applying thinking skills critically and creatively to make sound decisions and to solve complex problems.


Curiosity nurtures thinking. When curiosity is present students are thinking.  Therefore, let's help students make meaningful connections to validate their thinking. As a school community, our charge this month is to help develop and encourage student's curiosity.  


At home, you can stimulate student's curiosity by:

  • Listening and responding to what they care about and by,
  • Structuring activities around their interests, their preferences, and their sense of challenge.  


Suggested Reading Books (Thinker)

  • The Dot, Reynolds, Peter 2003, (5-9yrs)
  • Muncha! Muncha! Muncha!, by Fleming, Candace (PreK-2)
  • Best Friends for Frances by Russell Hoban illus by Lillian Hoban
  • Leonardo and the Flying Boy by Anholt, Laurence (8-11 yrs)
  • Baseball Bats for Christmas by Kusuqak, Michael (Canadian)
  • I will not ever never eat a tomato by Lauren Child
  • Elephants Can Paint Too! by Arnold, Katya (5-11yrs)
  • Alexander Graham Bell: an inventive life, by MacLeod, Elizabeth (9-11yrs)
  • Katie and the Mona Lisa, by Mayhew, James(8-11yrs)
  • Katie Meets the Impressionists, by Mayhew, James (8-11 yrs)
  • Catkin, by Barber, Antonio and Lynch, Patrick
  • Swimmy, by Lionni, Leo

Awards Day

The First Awards Day Assembly will take place on Friday, November 7, 2014.  We will begin at 9:00 am for students in Pre-School to First grade and 10:00 am for students in Second through Fifth grade.  Please join us.


Have a super week!

Sandra Hart

IB Coordinator

News and Announcements
 Box Tops for Shepherd

Please join Box Tops for Education and help us raise money for Shepherd Elementary. 

Our goal for 2014-2015 is to earn $825 from Box Tops. Each Box Top you earn is worth 10�. Will you help us reach our goal starting today?

Look for a Collection Box in the Shepherd school office!  Learn more on the Shepherd website.

Let's make this a successful fundraising/collection year.

Thanks in advance for your support and participation! 

Come One, Come All . . . 

The Mustang is looking for a few good writers to serve as contributors to the Student's Scoop, a student-written column that will appear in every Mustang.  

Keep your schoolmates up to date on what's happening at Shepherd from a student's-eye view!  

If you are interested, 
please send an email to: shepherdmustang2@gmail.com
Subject: Student Writer  

We want your voice in the Mustang!


Join the Club Today!

Mustangs survive in the wild.  They use their determination, imagination and creativity to live.  They certainly don't spend their time in front of a screen!     Shepherd students are challenged to use their determination, imagination and creativity to find things to do with their time that limit or do not involve TV or video games during the school week.  

Encourage your students and JOIN your students in this worthwhile effort.

Is  your child ready to join the TV-VG Turn Off Club? 

Download the TV-VG Turnoff form and instructions from the Shepherd website. 


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