Slowing Down To Make Space
September 2019
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In this newsletter, we want to share on the topic of bringing your opportunity and vision into reality (and working on the obstacles that hold us back).

We have also been blessed by you and the opportunity to be of service. Thank you for sharing the journey with us!

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Mutable T-Square & The Tao Te Ching

Possibility and tension. Tension and possibility. 

While we would love for new possibilities to be “stress-free”, these two qualities often seem to come together. For two weeks in September, from September 6 to 20, the zodiac will present us with exactly this: tension and possibility. 

During this time, a Mutable T-Square will combine the Sun and Mars in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces and all squaring Jupiter in Sagittarius.
A T-Square can feel like the game, “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, in which there is no way for the three objects to work together. In the game, paper covers rock, scissors cuts paper and rock blunts scissors. There is no common goal, there is no cooperation and there is nothing you can do about it. 

Thankfully, astrology does not need to work like “Rock, Paper, Scissors” and there is something you can do to achieve a supportive outcome. 

The mutable signs of Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces (and Gemini, which is not in the T-Square) all share the capacity to experiment or try something new. 

The key to working with a Mutable T-Square
is to embrace the mutability via
exploration, discovery and adjustment.

While the quality of mutability requires us to be flexible, too much flexibility can feel like endless change, never making a decision and even confusion. The intention of mutability means exploring alternatives as a means of making the best decision you can. In order to make a decision, we have to commit.

Why is committing so hard to do?  It might feel like we are settling or giving up on our idealism or deciding too soon (because something better might appear tomorrow).  When dealing with mutable energies, our idealism or looking for a greener pasture seems so very real and like something we can’t bear to let go of. Sometimes waiting for that greener pasture can mean never making a decision and never making it real. This is the great challenge of mutability.

Each step we take toward making our ideals real, by committing to them, means that we gain experience that serves us well in the future (experience we miss out on if we never commit). 

When we make something real, we have had a chance to flex our action hero muscles.  Trust yourself and make it real.

Now, let’s break the T-Square into its pieces and explore how to make the T-Square work FOR you!

First , Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces creates the core energy in this T-Square. These are the philosophical and spiritual drivers of the zodiac. 

Jupiter envisions the possibilities that
can become your reality in the material world!

Neptune demands that this reality
be connected to something greater
than the mundane goals and desires of life.

Both vision and sensitivity will be a part of your world during this transit. You may find it important to slow down, take time to let you mind be free of the To-Do List so it can be free to dream

Because this is a last quarter square, the tension is related to trusting yourself and your vision. Jupiter and Neptune asks us to identify the bigger picture, the inspiration and the ideal that are seeking to be made real in the world. These two planets want you to trust yourself, be inspired, then to take practical action and make it real.

Second , the Sun and Mars in Virgo will oppose Neptune and square Jupiter completing the T-Square.

The Sun and Mars bring the capacity for you to be confident about your plan and then to take action.  Often, Jupiter and Neptune bring big dreams, but without the fire to act on them.

In this case, the Sun and Mars provide a spark that can help to light the fire of action. The Sun in Virgo adds “My vision needs to be embraced one step at a time”.

Mars in Virgo is the action hero who can become a practical fellow when he says, “The time to take the first step is NOW! Let’s get this moving”. In this way, Mars in Virgo wants you to know that he can be a pretty reasonable character.

Together, the Sun, Mars and Neptune have the following messages:
  • The Sun opposing Neptune encourages you to be inspired and to trust that inspiration.
  • Mars conjunct the Sun demands that you act on your life and not to people please to fulfill the demands and obligations of others.
  • Mars oppose Neptune brings the capacity to be both sensitive and to have boundaries, to be both gentle but also firm. We are meant to have a boundary to that which we are not so that we can be true to ourselves.
  • Mars and Neptune want you to know that you can be assertive but without being aggressive.

One additional key to the Sun and Mars in Virgo relates to feeling overwhelmed. Virgo can feel overwhelmed by the seemingly endless list duties, chores and obligations that come from the expectations of family, career, home and friends that seem to make it difficult to find the time and energy to embrace our personal inspirations. While Virgo thrives on joyful simplicity, when it is presented with too many demands, Virgo can experience confusion, anxiety and even out right feelings of crisis.

Below is a link to a blog post dedicated to this topic: The Virgo Crisis.

The Tao Te Ching often has a way to bring a clear simplicity to what seems to be a complicated situation. While this Mutable T-Square may seem complex, consider sitting with the wisdom of the Tao,

"A journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single step".  

The Tao reminds us that sometimes the answers are so very simple, if we only allow them to be.

Allow yourself the time for your mind to wander, your soul to be inspired, your mind to embrace the fire to take action and to embrace the inspiration your heart is yearning for.

Be patient with yourself and the demands of life. Slow down.

Then, take the first step!
Burning Out
In Order To Light The Sacred Flame

New Astrological Blog Post

Virgo’s highest expression is that of the Vestal Virgin
being of service to society
by tending the sacred flame for the community. 

However, there is a lower expression of Virgo as well
that triggers the Virgo Crisis!

A Look To The Sky

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Your Personalized Transit Review
Annual Life & Transit Review
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The planets are in constant motion moving through the heavens and through your birth chart. These ongoing motions become the personal astrological transits on your unfolding journey through life that support your evolution.

It can be very helpful to understand the themes of important transits and to get the dates associated with key transits into your calendar so that you can use the transits to your greatest benefit.

Consider an Annual Life & Transit Review to discuss key dates (and much more) in the year ahead.