Everyone wants to be trusted. Especially in a close or intimate relationship. And trust is not
automatic. It's proven every day. Earning and giving trust is never-ending. It starts with the little things. Sooo....why don't friends and partners trust one another? There can be many reasons.

Being trusted involves doing what you say, being consistent, and considering the other person. Trusting someone new can be difficult if you have been hurt in the past, have poor self-esteem, or worry about being vulnerable.

When you open yourself up to the other person - trusting, loving, giving - you can be free to express yourself and grow in a relationship. When you mistrust, especially with no reason, you can poison the relationship with jealousy or skepticism. Increasing trust is well worth the effort.

 In order to be trusted, you need to keep your word. If you say you'll be at your daughter's recital, be there. If you come to an agreement about budgeting, don't overspend. If your partner tells you something never revealed to anyone else, keep the secret. If you can't be somewhere on time, call ahead or text. If you had to use the credit card for an emergency, explain it and have a plan to handle the expense. Be trustworthy in small issues every day, so each of you will feel free to trust one another when it comes to the big things - fidelity, safety, love, and knowing your private thoughts will be kept private.

In order to trust, you need to lose the fear of being judged. Bar the suspicion that comes from your own insecurity. Bury the hurt that came from a previous relationship where there was lying, infidelity, hurtful fights, or constant disappointment.

When you achieve mutual trust, you set yourselves free to become closer, to share more, to communicate with love. You'll find it easier to communicate and improve your lovemaking. And you will be unified in creating a happy home and family environment.

The dynamics of each couple are unique, and there are a few tips and factors that come into play that can help you fully trust one another with your hearts.
  • Be fully invested. How committed are you to your relationship? Are you willing to open your heart and let your love grow, without holding anything back? Will you make the commitment to invest in an open, trusting partnership?
  • Be good to your word. Do what you say. That's not just keeping a promise or being there
    when you are needed. Your actions can belie you if you are asking for trust but your actions tell a different story from time to time.
  • Don't keep secrets. If you can't trust yourselves to share your most intimate secrets, who can you trust? Secrets create suspicion and are hurtful when uncovered, even if they seemed small.
  • Be reliable. Reliability is linked to trustworthiness, so make every effort to do what you have said you would do - or keep in touch if you can't follow through. Don't leave your partner hanging, waiting, doing the task alone.
  • Express confidence. Doesn't it feel wonderful when someone has confidence in you? Do that for your partner as well. When you trust someone, you can relax, knowing they will do the right thing. Express your gratitude, return the favor, and share your positive feelings.
  • Be tactfully honest. When asked an opinion, you need to tell the truth, but in a gentle and non-hurtful way. Openly lying just to please the other person can foster mistrust. If your partner knows you'll be honest without crushing their feelings, he or she will feel more loved.
  • Show respect. Sometimes we don't understand why a partner feels or thinks the way they do. They'll wonder the same about you at times. Honor your differences by asking questions, attempting to understand where those beliefs came from. Don't put down the other's point of view as wrong or try to change them. See if you can learn from one another, see through one another's eyes. Through respect, you gain more trust.
Exceptional relationships truly do not happen by accident. The very best relationships come to those who are willing to work for it.  If that is how you feel, don't leave things to chance.  Make it a goal to continue earning trust and opening your heart.

Ask yourself these three questions and consider how you can make your relationship as exceptional as it can be.
  1.   How would you rate the level of trust in your closest relationship?
  2.   What steps do you take to build trust into the relationship?
  3.   Do you have any trust issues?
Abundant Blessings  and Love to you,  Joanie                                  
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Often we take our most precious asset, our partner, for granted. In hectic, stressful, troubled times, the quality of our relationships is more important than ever.

We long for a deep connection with our partner.  Yet, so often our self-limiting habits, work stresses, or years of just plain neglect, sidetrack our dream for deep intimacy and loving partnership.
When you invest in your most intimate relationship, everything works and everyone benefits. For your happiness, this might just be the most important work you'll ever do as a couple.

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