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March 2014
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Looking Back Over 25 Years
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     A New Year is always an appropriate time to "look back". But we've all done that already. Anniversaries are also good times to look back, and I'm celebrating a significant one: It's been 25 years since I started my consulting practice (Trilogy Associates) in March of 1989.


     I'm feeling pretty good about that, even a bit proud of myself. So please cut me some slack and allow me to pat myself on the back a bit and share some history and some insights with you.

25 Years   
Looking Back Over 25 Years 

     My business got started because I lost a job, my last real job in a series of unrelated industries - aerospace, contract research, then medical products. I was VP of Development of a young company called Betagen (DNA blot imaging), which ran out of money before it ran out of ideas. I'd worked as a consultant in a large enterprise (Battelle), so what the heck, why not try that solo? The rest is history.


     As many of you can attest, when you start a company you often scramble about trying different things. Making money is often paramount. I was an analytical sort, a decent writer and researcher, not a bad leader/manager, and a pretty good business planner. So I did all those things. I did lots of work early on for other, more established service firms. Over the ensuing decades I did work for a wide variety of industrial companies, mostly large and small medtech and life science firms, and for investors.


     I won't bore you with the content. You can read about our current activities at the end of this newsletter and in samplings of our prior engagements in Devices, Diagnostics, Drugs and Lab Products.


     Enough about me. On the chance that you're contemplating a consulting or professional services business or have recently started one, let me point you to some potentially useful takeaways that might help you on the path toward your own "25". Check out my suggestions here.

     So, maybe now you're thinking this is some kind of swan song. Well it ain't. I'm engaged as ever, busy as ever, collaborative as ever. Trilogy endures. If you think you would benefit from our working together, just let me know.  Maybe it's some free counsel. Maybe it's a year-long collaboration. Doesn't matter. Stay in touch. I'm heading for "35"!
What does Trilogy do? 
     Trilogy Associates facilitates business growth and renewal through commercialization of new products, providing the following services:
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Business planning and enterprise growth strategies
  • New-product conceptualization, commercialization and marketing
  • Market research and competitive assessment
  • Business development and partnering
  • Market and technological due diligence
  • Assessment of the therapeutic and diagnostic potential of novel technologies
  • Design of efficient and effective development strategies for early-stage biomedical products
  • Business and technical writing/publishing

     Inquiries to establish whether and how we might support your business initiatives are always welcome.  Contact us.

Resources from our Archives 
     Check out our Reading Room to view my published articles, presentations and white papers on a variety of topics.
     And, you can examine an archive of my prior newsletters (since February 2007).
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