December 21, 2017
Upcoming Legislative Session, Elections & more

Happy holidays!

2018 is right around the corner and I have been busy getting ready for upcoming events and preparing my action plan for the Maryland General Assembly's legislative session that begins on January 10th.

I have also begun campaigning for re-election, so that I may continue to serve our community for four more years. The Democratic primary election will be held on June 26, 2018. Please mark your calendar and plan to vote. I have already knocked on the doors of many constituents; I hope to see you in my travels.

Legislation to Watch in 2018
Here are just some of the bills I plan to champion in the upcoming legislative session:

Protecting Voting Rights and Open Government
  • The Potomac Compact for Fair Representation to end Gerrymandering in Maryland and Virginia
  • A bill to list candidates on the ballot in random order instead of in alphabetical order (HB63)
  • Legislation to expose hidden money received or spent by candidates in the weeks before an election
  • A bill to require online public disclosure of spending by our municipal water and sewer utility, WSSC (PG/MC 111-18)

Supporting Homeowners
  • The Homeowners Tax Credit program has existed for years. It helps homeowners with household incomes less than $60,000, especially elderly residents, by giving them a break on their property taxes. My bills HB20, HB38, and HB50 will make this program even stronger
  • A bill relaxing the percentage of condominium owners required to revise their condo declarations, for greater financial stability

Helping Small Businesses Compete
  • A bill to reduce the burdens of paperwork and fees endured by Maryland's "bricks and mortar" retailers by reforming the Traders License system
  • Updating state alcohol laws to give businesses in Kensington more flexibility (MC 12-18)

Making State Transportation Agencies More Consumer Friendly
  • Legislation addressing the issue of punitive late fees on ICC tolls by removing the incentive for MDTA to maximize late fee revenue (HB69)
  • A bill giving vehicle owners a choice of whether to renew their registration for one, two, or three years

Enhancing Privacy Protections
  • Smart Grid Privacy (HB56) would require utility companies to shield detailed usage information unless a warrant is obtained

I also look forward to supporting a variety of bills sponsored by my Democratic colleagues, including:

Keep in Touch
While I'll keep you updated with email newsletters like this one, and on Facebook and Twitter, you can always contact me in Annapolis if you need assistance with a state agency, want information about Legislative Scholarships, would like to share your concerns about current issues, etc.

I look forward to hearing from you.

(301) 858-3638 - office phone

Delegate Al Carr
Maryland's 18th Legislative District
P.S. Please join us for my annual post-holiday, pre-session brunch fundraiser. Dress is casual. Bring your appetite and your ideas for how we can make progress in Annapolis in 2018.

Note: No campaign donations may be accepted during the 90-day legislative session that begins at noon on January 10, 2018. Thank you for your support!