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PICKLEBALL The #1 Growing Sport in the U.S. is at Atonement!
Pickleball is underway and lots of fun! Everyone is welcome (beginners join in!) on Saturday mornings 9-11 am in the Multi-purpose room. Free to members. Guests pay a weekly $5 fee to cover expenses. This is a drop-in activity. Participants will receive a weekly email to respond whether they will attend that Saturday. Please bring your insurance ID on your first visit.
To help prepare our team's hearts and minds for our summer mission trip to Pine Ridge, all mission trip participants and adult leaders are expected to attend mission trip preparation meetings on Sundays, February 24, April 7, and May 5 from Noon - 2 pm in the JAM room. If you have an unavoidable conflict, let Jen know in advance. You'll then have a week to turn in a written make-up.
Babies and toddlers, along with a parent or caregiver, explore the world of sound with singing, listening and playing simple instruments.
A place for our littlest ones to learn the language of faith and the language of music, through songs, musical games, and movement.

Musikgarten is offered at Atonement for children birth through age 2. There are now openings for the 2nd semester, Jan. 16—Mar. 20. Class takes place every Wednesday at 4:30-5:00 pm. Contact Helen Ailabouni for more information or REGISTER HERE on the Atonement website