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We are providing questions that tie back to the preceding Sunday's primary reading and sermon each week. Feel free to think about these on your own, to discuss with a family member or friend, or to use these within your small group.

Bible Readings: Isaiah 40:28-31; Matthew 6:24-33 ( from July 12)
1. When you get lost - do you usually drive around until you find your way or ask for directions?
2. Are you more likely to trust until proven wrong, or distrust until a person proves themselves?
3. As you watch tv, read or listen to social media, how prevalent is the idea of exclusivity and scarcity? How does it drive daily or long term decisions?  
4. How do you experience God's abundance?
5. Jesus invites us to see what he sees and to focus on what he focuses on. What does it look like in your life this week to seek first the kingdom of God?
The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.  — Frederick Buechner
Join Pastor Sarah tonight at 8 pm for  Prayer and Promise . Each week has brought a different mix of participants and is its own unique experience. We'll connect on Zoom around prayer concerns, read a Scripture passage that communicates God's promises, and pray together. No reservations required.
Due to high demand our book order has been delayed to July 19th. Upon receipt more information will be shared regarding distribution but there is an online version as well.
If you are not currently in a small group there are open discussion groups available for sign up via REALM .
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Book Study
Live Zoom worship will be held on Sunday, July 26 at 9:30 am . This interactive worship service will also require some supplies. Please pick these supplies up at church on

Tuesday, July 21 between 10-11 am ,
Wednesday, July 22 between 5-6 pm , OR
Thursday, July 23 between 3:30-4:30 pm .  
This will also be a chance for you to see Pastor Don AND to take some quarantine photos with Claire (similar to the Christmas photos from December!) Bring a mask!