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Well, after 30 years of representing amazing photographers for corporate assignments, I am finally retiring. Yes, I'm closing my doors, hanging up my hat and calling it quits.

With that in mind, for the final Hocus Focus, I asked the photographers to send me their images which say "The Beginning" or "The End." Sometimes they ended up being one and the same.


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Or is it the Beginning?
Or Both?

They say that all good things must come to an end. The same is true for bad things, too, but let's stay focused on the good things. For instance, Deborah Brown & Associates. It's been a good thing for me. Actually better than good. As I think about my impending retirement from DB&A on May 31, I realize it's been a really terrific run. Thirty years. What a gift!

When I've talked about retirement with family and friends, the same questions inevitably come up. So, in case you're wondering, here are the answers to some of those FAQ's:

1. I will binge watch all four seasons of "House of Cards" in my pajamas on June 1.
2. I am not moving to a gorgeous country house in Tuscany. Though now that I'm writing it, that sounds like a pretty decent idea.
3. I am not selling DB&A. Unless you have a stupendous--like Powerball-win stupendous--offer to make me. 
4. You can still reach the photographers through their individual websites (click on the photos below to get to their websites). By the way, they will be overjoyed to hear from you.
5. No, I'm not going to travel, as in no cruises, no vacation tours or adventure expeditions. If you've read a few of my newsletters, you'll know that traveling for me is one of those bad things that can't end soon enough.
6. I will keep one toe in the photo world by continuing my involvement with ICP (International Center of Photography). My other toes will be walking around museums and galleries in this chock-full-of-art city.
7. Just so you don't lose track of me completely, I will still manage Bill Gallery's stock photography.
8. And just so I don't lose track of you, please keep me on your email recipient list. Unless you're a burial insurance company. In that case, yes, please take me off your list. I'm retiring from my job, not from breathing, for Pete's sake.
9. This really is the last Hocus Focus. Many thanks to Michael Katz at Blue Penguin Development  who helped me discover that writing e-newsletters is so much fun!

I think that covers it.

Now for more good stuff.

It's inevitable that when you think about the end of something, you also think about beginnings. So here's what the DB&A photographers came up with for "The End" or "The Beginning." What I like is how most of the images really say both.

If you want to see these images larger, please click here.

© Yasu Nakaoka (based in Tokyo)  

© Bill Gallery (based in New England)

© Bill Gallery  (based in New England)

©  Rosanne Olson  (based in Seattle)

© Rosanne Olson (based on Seattle)

© Jon Love (based in Sydney, Australia)

© Jon Love (based in Sydney, Australia)

 © Neal Wilson  (based in the UK)

© Neal Wilson (based in the UK)

©  Amos Chan (based in NYC)

©  Amos Chan (based in NYC)

© Ron Wu (based in Chicago)

The above is a photo of Robin's ID marking the beginning of his career as a photojournalist. And there's no end in sight.

A last word from me. Many, many thanks to all of you for assigning to my photographers your projects of all sizes, in so many locations and about such a variety of subjects. Needless to say, I couldn't have done it without you. I consider all of you not just colleagues, but friends. So don't become strangers! 

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