March 2019
mhmf 2019 Vice Chancellor Emerita Adelaide L. Sanford Scholarship

This year, we will begin our Vice Chancellor Emerita Adelaide L. Sanford Scholarship to be awarded to one MBK Fellow and one female graduating high school senior from a New York State Education Department (NYSED) recognized My Brother's Keeper community who best meet the requirements set forth by the Scholarship Committee. Scholarships awarded are limited to cover tuition, fees and books. Scholarships will range between $500 and $2,000/annually over 4 years while enrolled in college with final scholarship amounts to be determined based on student's financial need and at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee.

mhmf# MyHistoryMyFuture

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In February, NYSED teamed up with The Education Trust-New York for our Black History Month #MyHistoryMyFuture social media campaign.

We asked students what they envision the future looking like. During Black History Month on social media, we featured quotes from students participating in the many wonderful MBK programs across the state.

To see all of the students' quotes, check out the #MyHistoryMyFuture hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
My Brother's Keeper Community Networks

The New York State My Brother's Keeper Community Network includes more than 20 member communities that have joined the growing initiative to improve outcomes for boys and young men of color. To join the NYS MBK Community Network, the school superintendent and local government official must sign a joint letter to Commissioner Elia indicating their support of and commitment to meeting the six (6) MBK National milestones and the six (6) New York State MBK goals. Detailed instructions for becoming a New York State MBK Community can be found here. Upon becoming a member of the statewide network, a community gains the support of NYSED's Office of Access, Equity, and Community Engagement Services to help build a community initiative and develop a local MBK action plan.
MBK Community Network Spotlight: Queens 

Regent Young with speakers and participants at the inaugural Queens MBK Conference
Queens College recently hosted the inaugural Queens My Brother's Keeper Conference. Regent Young was in attendance.

The  conference provided participants with networking opportunities and allowed students to practice leadership skills, meet with community members, and actively engage as both participants and listeners.

MBK chapters shared promising practices while also taking stock of their own needs and recognizing opportunities for growth.
My Brother's Keeper Challenge Grant

The purpose of the My Brother's Keeper Challenge Grant is to incentivize and support school districts to develop and execute coherent cradle-to-college strategies aimed at improving the life outcomes for boys and young men of color.
MBK Challenge Spotlight: Syracuse 

Young men in the
Building Men Program
Syracuse recently hosted its first leadership conference for the Building Men Program. The keynote speakers were Ted Bunch, Co-founder of A Call to Men, and Kareem Manuel, Founder of We. Society. Their speeches provided insight on their leadership experiences.

Young men from the Building Men Program learned from many community leaders on the topic of "Let's Go: Leadership, Excellence, Teamwork, Significance, Goal Setting, and Overcoming Obstacles."

The event emphasized leadership skills and built momentum for the MBK movement in Syracuse.

MBK Challenge Spotlight: Troy 

Troy MBK students and mentors visit Siena College
Students and mentors from the Troy City School District MBK program recently had the opportunity to explore higher education opportunities at two local institutions, Hudson Valley Community College and Siena College.  During their visit to  Siena College, students attended a basketball game and enjoyed a fellowship dinner.

The young men have all researched college and careers as part of their participation in Troy CSD's "Young Men of Purpose" program. The college provided the students with an opportunity to supplement their research with first-hand experience.
Teacher Opportunity Corps (TOC) II

The purpose of TOC II is to increase the rate of historically underrepresented and economically disadvantaged individuals in teaching careers. TOC II programs incorporate strategies for teacher retention and best practice, such as mentors for new teachers and differentiated instructional techniques.
TOC II Spotlight: Teachers College, Columbia University

Students participating in the Teachers College networking session
Teachers College TOC II students and alumni recently joined forces with members of the Teacher Residency Program and the Black Teacher Project for a networking session and a mini-retreat. The two part-program gave TOC II students the opportunity to connect with other educators.

Participants discussed their commitment to anti-racist, inclusive, and joyous pedagogy. Additionally, they explored restorative practices for the classroom and school community. The day ended with all participants being led in work with aromatherapy and sound therapy.
TOC II Spotlight: 48th Annual Legislative Conference

TOC II panel sharing their experience with the other participants
On Saturday, February 16, NYS MBK conducted a three-part workshop at the New York State Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators 48th Annual Legislative Conference (see Fellows spotlight). The workshop featured an update on the growing MBK movement across New York State. The presentation included a panel discussion moderated by Doris Waiters, Associate in Higher Education Opportunity, and featured Nichole Brown, Director of the TOC II Program at SUNY Oswego, and TOC II students Steven Alvarez, Medgar Evers College; Dennis Richmond, Jr., Sarah Lawrence College; Milena Toribio, SUNY Oswego; Shari Diaz,  SUNY Old Westbury; and Quishiana Aguilar, SUNY Old Westbury. Aaron Santiago, a recent TOC II graduate from Nazareth College, was also in attendance.The panelists discussed a range of topics including why they chose to become teachers and the unique benefits of participating in TOC II.

TOC II participants
TOC II participants
TOC II students and staff also participated in pre-conference activities at the State Education Building on Friday, February 15. NYSED Assistant Commissioner Dr. Anael Alston facilitated a workshop for the pre-service teachers entitled "Teacher, You Matter" in which he emphasized that teachers can change the mindset and the future of students. One of the attendees, Anabelle Maldonado, shared that "this weekend meant a lot to me and really was a huge boost for my confidence. The meeting we had at the State Education Department really made me feel like I could do anything. Being in a room like that, surrounded by passionate people really inspired me. This weekend was also extremely informative and made me feel that change is necessary, and change is possible."
Family and Community Engagement Program (FCEP)

The purpose of the FCEP is to increase the academic achievement and college and career readiness of boys and young men of color by developing and sustaining effective relationships with families in order to achieve student success.
FCEP Spotlight: Greenburgh

Fourth and sixth grade students at the Greenburgh MBK induction ceremony
Greenburgh sixth graders recently participated in the MBK program induction ceremony for their  fourth grade schoolmates. The sixth grade students recited an African proverb to officially induct their younger brothers. Students also exchanged bookbags and handshakes for the "Am I My Brother's Keeper" Junior Peer Mentoring Program.

Later, students and families were treated to a Westchester Knicks G-League basketball game at the Westchester County Center.
FCEP Spotlight: Roosevelt  

Darryl McDaniels and Chuck D. speaking to MBK students
Roosevelt High School recently hosted a discussion with hip-hop legends Darryl McDaniels of Run-DMC and Chuck D. of Public Enemy. Over 150 MBK students attended the discussion.

The event was geared toward promoting the involvement of civil leaders in the lives of young men of color. The two rappers discussed how they have been leaders throughout their lives.

Later in the day, the rappers visited Washington-Rose Elementary School to also speak to younger students.
FCEP Spotlight: Rochester

Graduates of the "Padres Comprometidos/Committed Parents" leadership training
The Rochester City School District Office of Parent Engagement, Monroe High School, Ibero-American Action League, and Rochester MBK worked together to provide the "Padres Comprometidos/Committed Parents" leadership training to Monroe High School parents. The parents recently celebrated their graduation for completing the program. The parent graduates will work with Monroe High School as mentors for other parents and will participate in the School Based Planning Team (SBPT) and Monroe's Parent Group.

The "Padres Comprometidos/Committed Parents" program was a nine-week series designed to support, engage, and empower parents to understand the public school system and learn how to prepare their children for college.
My Brother's Keeper Fellows Program

The purpose of the MBK Fellows Grant is to provide 11th grade high school students, with an emphasis on boys and young men of color, with opportunities to gain authentic leadership experience(s) and develop service projects beneficial to the schools they attend and the communities they live in.
Fellows Spotlight: Leadership Workshop

Rev. Dr. Alfonso Wyatt speaking to the participants of the leadership workshop
On Friday, February 15, NYS MBK hosted the My Brother's Keeper Fellows for a leadership workshop entitled "Stand and Deliver" in the Huxley Theater at the New York State Museum. A total of 30   MBK Fellows came together for this workshop to culminate their experience. The workshop featured Rev. Dr. Alfonso Wyatt, author of the book Madd Truth , and Dr. Don Applyrs, NYSED's Director of Family and Community Engagement. Dr. Wyatt and Dr. Applyrs provided the MBK Fellows leadership development in community building, increased self-awareness, and the essential tools for the next phase in their academic and life journeys. Applying public speaking tips obtained from virtual training sessions with Principal Baruti Kafele, the Fellows stood tall and confidently delivered presentations highlighting their authentic leadership experience(s) as MBK Fellows.
Fellows Spotlight: Leadership Workshop

MBK Fellows panel discuss their experiences in the MBK Program
On Saturday, February 16, the MBK Fellows also visited the Legislative Office Building for the New York State Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators 48th Annual Legislative Conference. During the caucus, NYS MBK conducted a three-part workshop, led by NYSED Assistant Commissioner for Access, Equity, and Community Engagement Dr. Anael Alston, and sponsored by Assembly Member Latrice Monique Walker, to provide an update on the growing MBK movement across New York State and demonstrate the impact and implications of the Teacher Opportunity Corps (TOC II) and the My Brother's Keeper Fellows programs. MBK Fellows Patrick St. Ange, Kailen Mayfield, Nathaniel Swanson, and Jason Ortega participated in a panel discussion, moderated by Dr. Anael Alston, shedding light on their MBK experiences.
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Find out more about New York State's My Brother's Keeper initiative by visiting our MBK website, which provides details about the grants mentioned in this newsletter. The website also includes sharable videos about MBK, featuring young men of color from New York State.
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