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My Divine Companion!
“My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest.” Exodus 33:14
This is the key to the victorious Christian life. Recognizing His presence with us, not resisting His call to our conscience, surrendering our thoughts, words and actions as we abide in His presence and He abides in us. John 15
So what’s the problem? Three things, I either don’t let Him in because I want my will, my way, and I want it now. I believe something else will be more beneficial to me than His rest. I don’t want to make a decision, an outright mental effort, to develop a consciousness of His presence daily, hourly and moment by moment, in accordance with His sure Word of absolute truth. John 4:23,24
 This is how Jesus lived!!!
It is on this foundation that Christian life is lived out. This conscious practice of always yielding to His presence is the source and foundation of everlasting joy and empowerment that I may be like Him. This vividness of His companionship is never to be left for granted. Psalms 16:8
Our daily spiritual life consists of our Union with Christ. Just as the branch draws all its life from the vine, so we obtain all our spiritual life from Him only. Not by trying but by abiding. John 15,17
Just as Jesus surrendered his humanity to God and by faith partook of Divine power so it is to be with us! Matthew 26:39,42
What God really wants is for us to abide so closely and consistently in Him that we can be in the world today what Christ was 2000 years ago. A LIVING DEMONSTRATION of the power of God in and through us.
It is in nature, when I am alone with God, that I sense His nearness the most.
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