April 13, 2021
"My Experience" Project: Weekly Submissions
Each week, we will feature experiences in our eBulletins collected through the “My Experience” Project. We encourage you to read each experience in its entirety, so it is viewed the way the participant intended. To read more experiences, complete self-reflection questions or submit your own experience, visit the Law Society Listens website.
"...No, I’m not going to accept being called “Oriental”; I don’t care that your grandma used that word and it’s what you grew up with to describe people like me. No, actually I’m not
good at math and yes, you should not be surprised that I speak English without an accent – why do you think I chose to go law school? No, it’s not appropriate to hearken back to your glory days belittling former Chinese clients speaking English as a second language, doing your best Ching-Chong accent in front of current clients and your clearly Chinese junior. And no, I’m not a liberal snowflake who took his ball and ran off to his safe space. I just deserve better from a boss and a mentor, and I deserve better from myself, so for this and other reasons, I bounced and haven’t looked back....”

  • "Whilst at law school, you are asked in class to explain the reasons behind the actions of terrorists

  • At an Articling interview at a national law firm, the first question you are asked is what your view is on the events of September 11, 2001

  • During your Articles, you visit a penitentiary and are asked for additional ID because the prison guards don’t believe you’re a lawyer...

...I am of South Asian ethnicity. Born in Calgary. [Canadian law school] grad. I am not a criminal. I speak English. Sometimes. Except when I’m left speechless."

Federal Court of Appeal and Federal Court Notice to the Profession

Three sets of proposed amendments to the Federal Courts Rules were pre-published in
the April 10, 2021, issue of the Canada Gazette, Part I:

  1. Rules Amending the Federal Courts Rules (enforcement amendments)
  2. Rules Amending the Federal Courts Rules (Limited Scope Representation)
  3. Rules Amending the Federal Courts Rules (proportionality, abuse of process and Federal Court of Appeal motions)

The public may make representations with respect to the proposed rules during the sixty days following the date of pre-publication by addressing them to Mr. Andrew Baumberg, Secretary to the Federal Courts Rules Committee, by email.

Court of Queen's Bench Announcements

There will be a virtual Family Town Hall Meeting for members of the Bar on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at 12:30 p.m. in both Edmonton and Calgary. For meeting details, connection information and the agendas, please refer to the full announcement document located here and on the Town Hall Meetings information page.

On April 6, 2021, the Province of Alberta and the Chief Medical Officer of Health put in place additional measures to protect the health system and to reduce the rising spread of COVID-19. The Court will hear all matters currently booked, but will continue its efforts to minimize traffic at all courthouses.

On April 12, 2021, a new online search portal will allow Albertans to submit a search request for civil actions in any Court of Queen's Bench location and receive the results by email.

Upcoming Events