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Because so much of my work in the State Senate focuses on Virginia families, I thought it only appropriate to tell you a bit about mine. So much good is happening with my family that I want to share with you. Please indulge me! 

Next month Hunt and I are celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary.  We met our freshman year in college and married five days after graduation. Hunt has always supported me in every way and has been a huge booster every election cycle.  He is an economist and is semi-retired from the Inter-American Development Bank. Hunt has really made a difference in several countries, especially Peru and Jamaica. He is an avid skier and outdoors man.

I got very lucky very young!

To help us celebrate, our sons and their families joined us here for several days.  

Brian, his wife Theresa, and their two daughters came from Evergreen, outside Denver.  Brian is an aerial surveyor and Theresa is an award-winning children's book editor. Our granddarlings are Ella (6) and Sylvia (3).  Ella is in kindergarten and is quite certain she will be a paleontologist. She even pronounces and spells it correctly. Sylvia wants to be an astronaut and a mermaid.  She is a little concerned about the mermaid part -- "I haven't figured out the tail thing yet, Grandma!"

If you were given one of my balloons at McLean Days by an adorable little girl, you met Sylvia or Ella.

Our older son, Eric, and Ania were married last summer.  They met through the Darden School.  Eric is the CFO of a company in D.C. and Ania recently completed her MBA and works in the financial industry.  They are moving to Reston next month!  What a joy that is for Hunt and me.

I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family.

All the best,


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Family Photos

Family tree shot
Hunt took this photo of the rest of us at Immanuel Presbyterian Church last Sunday. Theresa, Brian, Eric, Ania, Janet, Sylvia, Ella (on top)


Family at McLean Days
The family at McLean Days-me, Ella, Brian, Sylvia, Theresa and Hunt.




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