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A Life Of Prayer

Dear Friends,

As I announced in January, I received a word from God (at least, I think it was him:) concerning the LIFEhouse Church Community. I sensed God declaring 2019 be a year of making progress in our life of prayer. This word was affirmed by my pastor's encouragement and accountability group at our January Retreat.

By responding to this word through my own life of prayer, sharing this word with others, taking teaching opportunities, and preaching on this theme on Sundays, I have seen God's hand in a strong way expanding this message.

On February 23 with the middle school students at IMPACT and at Prime Time on February 20, I taught on prayer and spoke of looking closely for God in our everyday life. I shared my personal practice of thinking of God and looking for him for one second every minute. This has been a powerful journey!

Last Sunday, I shared an experience I had on February 22 that was amazing! I was with our two granddaughters at the LA Zoo. Waiting for them outside the women's restroom, I asked, "God, what do you want me to see? Where are you?"

I stared straight ahead and the tree behind me was casting a shadow on the wall of the restrooms. The photo above is what I saw...

Praise God!

Pastor Dana

Refurbishing Our Father's House!

Dear LIFEhouse members and friends,

We (The Church Council) have authorized a refurbishment project for improvements and repair of damage. This includes:

  • Painting and repairs in the Bridesmaid Room
  • Painting of Brides Room
  • New flooring in the Fireside Room
  • Painting the hallway to the ladies rest room
  • Painting the mens restroom
  • Polishing the Friendship Room, Hallway, and Kitchen floor
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Total refurbishment of the terrazzo flooring in the Sanctuary and Narthex

The total cost for this will be $14,000. The Council has approved $10,000 from our maintenance budget. We are asking the congregation and friends to raise the rest.

We want to let everyone take part in making our home fresh. This is a great time for the project, as we expect everything to be done by Holy Week and Easter! 

Any gift is appreciated! You can send a check designated, “Love Offering,” as well as give online, going to ONLINE GIVING on our website ( ) and checking “Love Offering” in the dropdown menu.

Thank You for your support!

The Church Council

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Imposition of Ashes and Communion

Wednesday March 6
11:00 a.m.
7:00 p.m.
Going Deeper In Prayer...

Hearing God: 
Developing A Conversational Relationship With God

An in-depth DVD series based on the classic book by Dallas Willard.

The deepest and clearest teaching I have ever received having to do with a life of prayer has come from Dallas Willard. I am inviting everyone possible to take this next step in your own journey and attend this series.

Thursday Nights, beginning March 14
6:00 p.m. Soup Supper
6:30 p.m. Teaching and Discussion

Our Sunday prayer series, based on the model prayer Jesus gives us, The Lord's Prayer, has been very meaningful. Each session we have been looking at a teaching from the Lord's Prayer and connecting what it means for us to pray through that today.

Lord, Teach Us to Pray...Father
The With-God Life
Just For Today...
Have Pity...
Keep us out of trouble...

This week we consider the words..."But, deliver us from evil."
What does Jesus mean by that?

LIFEhouse Supports Local Youth Center!

We have designated $1000 out of our offering for the LAPD Devonshire Police Activity League Supporters (PALS). Here is their thank-you letter-

Dear Dana,

Thank you so much for your generous gift of $1,000.00 to LAPD Devonshire PALS. Once again, we are proud to welcome you as a 2019 member of our Circle of Heroes. PALS cannot thank you and LIFEhouse Church enough for the difference you continue to make in the lives of the young people we serve. Your gift serves as a great inspiration to others and were are truly grateful for you unwavering dedication to community and to local children who need your help.

You have been a part of the journey at PALS for many years as an ongoing partner. Your commitment means the world to all of us who labor each day on behalf of the amazing kids at PALS. Thank you for recognizing our efforts with financial support. We could not do it without you.

On behalf of our board of directors and the children and teens of Devonshire PALS please accept our deepest gratitude.

Best Regards,

Sue Bruno
Executive Administrator