Summer Share #8
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  • Full Share Box
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  • Recipe - Green Bean Salad
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  • It's the 8th week of Summer Vegetable Shares

  • EOW Vegetable members @ The Office Market, Dianne Dr, Transformation Center pick up boxes this week.

  • This week MES boxes = LEUCC You will find chicken (2=full shares, 1=half shares) and eggs (both full & half shares = 1 dozen each. The hot weather has affected the quantity of eggs the hens are laying. The cooler nights and lower humidity should help. We will catch up the other dozen for full shares when quantity gets back up where it should be. Let me know if you have any questions.) If you also have a vegetable share - make sure you take both boxes.
  • Next week (#4 for July) MES boxes will be for Richland Center & Dianne Dr.
Full Share Box  
Lettuce, Baby Leaf Mix - 1/2 lb
Zucchini - 1
Cucumbers - 2, 1 regular & 1 lemon (lemon cucumbers are named for their color not their flavor. The actually have
Snap Peas - 1 pt, snap the stem end and pull to remove the string
Green Beans - 1-1/2 lb
Beets & Greens - 1 bunch baby
Kohlrabi - 2, leaves can be used as collards
Fresh Garlic - 1 bulb, wrap loosely and store in fridge as the bulbs haven't been dried
Basil - 1 bunch , if you don't use immediately - snip ends off and store for a couple days on your counter in a glass of water - with just the ends in the water - and put a small plastic bag upside down & open over the leaves)
Half Share Box 
Lettuce, Baby Leaf Mix - 1/4 lb
Zucchini - 1
Cucumber - 1 (regular)
Green Beans - 1 lb
Fresh Garlic - 1 bulb, wrap loosely and store in fridge as the bulbs haven't been dried
Basil - 1 bunch
Green Bean Salad
from Asparagus to Zucchini
¼ c minced onions
2 Tbl oil
1 Tbl vinegar
Chopped herbs – thyme, dill or summer savory
¼ tsp salt
2 garlic cloves, chopped or pressed
Pepper to taste
1 lb trimmed green beans
Mix all ingredients except beans. Marinate raw beans in dressing for 24 hours. Makes 3-4 servings.
This is the way we pick beans when our 2-year-old niece spends harvest day with us.
And like this!
One crate full of green beans - Yum!
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