Summer Share #6
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  • Announcements
  • Your Box - Full
  • Your Box - Half
  • 10 Ways to Use Lemon Balm
  • Farm pictures
  • It's the 6th week of Summer Vegetable Shares

  • EOW membersDianne Dr, Transformations & The Office Market pick up boxes this week.

  • This week MES boxes (with ) = Spring Green Farmers Market
Full Share Box  
Black Caps - 1/2 pint
Lettuce - 1/2 lb mix
Swiss Chard - 1 bunch
Cucumbers - 4
Snow Peas - 1 qt, very flat and you can eat pod and all - great for stir fry or snacking!
Snap Peas - 1 qt, snap the stem end and pull to remove the string along the stem
Carrots - 1 bunch baby
Green Onions - 1 bunch
Fresh Garlic - 2 bulbs, wrap loosely and store in fridge as the bulbs haven't been dried
Lemon Balm - 1 bunch, see link below for ways to use
Half Share Box 
Black Caps - 1/2 pint
Lettuce - 1/4 lb mix
Cucumbers - 2
Snap Peas - 1 pint, grab the top and pull the string off to eat peas & pod
Carrots - 1 bunch baby
Fresh Garlic - 1 bulb, wrap loosely and store in fridge as the bulbs haven't been dried
Use Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a perennial herb that grows thick and busy in most home gardens. It smells great, is super tasty, and has a variety of medicinal benefits. If you're looking to build a perennial herb bed, lemon balm should be included in the plant list.

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Farm Pictures
Flowering green beans.
Aidan taking a break from picking peas as a storm moves in.
Rows of broccoli plants.

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