Summer Share #1
My Fine Homestead Newsletter
Pixie's (Australian Shepherd) & Dash's (Border Collie) puppies are almost 10 days old and their eyes are just beginning to open.

This is Unos (first pup born) with Aidan who's eye ironically swelled shut when he was stung on the eyebrow by a honey bee! He was a little too close to the hives and must have gotten the full dose of her venom.

In This Issue:

  • Announcements

  • Your Box - Full 

  • Bill's video - How to Open the Share Boxes

  • Your Box - Half

  • Recipes- Oven-Roasted Asparagus

  • On the Farm . . . My Knight with a Water Pump
  • It's the 1st week of Summer Vegetable Shares - WooHoo!

  • This week EOW members at LEUCC (Wednesday) & SGFM (Saturday) pick up boxes.

  • The 1st MES boxes start next week with SGFM MES on deck.

  • This Saturday at the SG Farmers Market is the Wear Orange Event sponsored by the River Valley Moms Demand Action Group.

RSVP & wear orange to support gun violence awareness and sensible gun reform!
Full Share Box 
Asparagus - 2 lbs
Salad Turnips w/Greens - 1 bunch, T ry the greens with olive oil & balsamic vinegar & parmesan - Mmmm!
Baby Leaf Lettuce Mix - 1/2 lb
Greens Mix - 1/4 lb (kale, arugula, mustard & tatsoi)
Green Garlic - 1 bunch, Green garlic has a milder, fresher, sweeter taste than regular bulb garlic and a little spicier flavor than scallions although you can use it much the same way you would scallions.
Chives - 1 bunch
Proper Box Opening Technique
Bill (in typical silly-Bill style) showing how to properly open a share box
without tearing it!
Half Share Box 
Asparagus - 1 lb
Radish - 1 bunch
Baby Leaf Lettuce Mix - 1/4 lb
Green Garlic - 1 bunch, Green garlic has a milder, fresher, sweeter taste than regular bulb garlic and a little spicier flavor than scallions although you can use it much the same way you would scallions.
Chives - 1 bunch

Oven-Roasted Asparagus
I make this (or a version of it) in the grill on hot days.
Oven-Roasted Asparagus Recipe

Parmesan cheese adds a salty, savory component to sweet, tender asparagus. Try it next to grilled fish or lamb.

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On the Farm . . .  My Knight with a Water Pump
As expected - spring on a farm brings a craziness all its own.

Animals are birthing bringing more mouths to feed and chores to do, pastures and weeds are growing, fences need to be made, fields need to be worked and planted, and our big season of CSA shares is starting.

All the work can feel overwhelming. This is when it helps me to remember how lucky I am to have Bill by my side working hard. Way back in the beginning of our relationship, I realized he was a guy I could count on.

Here's an article I wrote a few years ago about that time. . .
My parents, along with a partner, owned a motel in Spring Green for many years. Twenty-five years ago Spring Green experienced a lot of rain in a few days time (an event that repeated itself in 2008 and ended up closing the motel for good). It caused water to fill the partial basement of the office/residence part of the motel and collapsed one of the sewage tanks, leading to a back-up.
It was the start of tourist season so the motel rooms were full. I was working and living at the motel with my sister, Nicole. We were wakened early that morning by the offensive smell. My parents' business partner, also the manager, lived next door and came right over. We soon had several shop vacuums running to remove the accumulating water and waste. It was obvious we weren't keeping up as the situation was getting worse. It was Sunday, and the local hardware store was closed. We didn't know what to do.
I remembered that Bill, the guy I recently started dating, had told me about having to pump his basement out a few years before so I called him for ideas. He was at his parents' place in Blue River (only 6 miles from where we now live). I explained the predicament. Instead of giving me advice, he said, "I'll be right there," and hung up. I was surprised - I hadn't expected him to drop everything to drive the half hour to Spring Green.
When he arrived a short time later with a heavy-duty pump, he took one look at the situation, removed his shoes and socks, rolled up his pants, waded into the gross knee-deep mess and pumped out the basement. I don't think he even wrinkled his nose!

I won points with the manager for bringing this capable guy in to save the day. More importantly . . . I think I fell in love with Bill at that moment.
As a young girl influenced by Disney, I never dreamed my tall, dark and handsome knight would show up with a pump to solve a smelly problem instead of with shining armor and a white steed to carry me away into the sunset.
But he did, and little did I know of the road that lay ahead us and how often I would rely on his willingness to walk into a mess and do his best to help not only me but others.
I might wish he was a little more romantic or wanted to discuss his feelings once in a while (or even acknowledge he has feelings!), but I am certain I wouldn't want anyone else by my side farming this land.

And I'm not ready to ride off into the sunset yet anyway.

I hope you have a good week,

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