What doesn’t feel so good is our feelings on last week's presidential election. I’m sure it is no surprise to any of you that we didn’t support Donald Trump, Ron Johnson, or anyone else running on a platform that included fear and discrimination.

For a few days Bill, Liam and I walked around in shock and disbelief. Now we have recovered a bit but are solemn and concerned about what the future will bring for us. Having spent years without health insurance in the past, we worry that we might find ourselves back in that situation. We are worrying more about other things like affordable college for our kids, the changing climate, a possible nuclear threat. But even more right now, we are worried for friends and others who feel vulnerable because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender. They are vulnerable. And they are scared. That shouldn’t be - especially in this country founded on diversity.

 We are devastated by what they are experiencing and are trying to educate ourselves on how we can productively help. We are discussing ways we can be more involved. It feels like a time for us to come out of our farm bubble to be more active along with others who are also concerned about the future. This hasn’t been a normal election, and we fear it won’t be a normal presidency.

So, in this not normal time, Bill and I want to make sure all of you know we are here for you. We are a community that is connected by our interest in local, organic, fresh, nutritious food as well as the land it is grown on. But even more importantly, we are connected as human beings deserving of respect no matter what.

Our farm is here for you as well. You can come visit and fill up on puppy love (knowing you won’t have to clean up any piddle accidents), you can split wood, or you can just walk and clear your head. However, this Saturday is the first day of the gun deer hunting season so you will want to borrow one of our orange coats and not wander too far from the buildings. 

I hope this newsletter hasn't offended anyone by addressing the elephant in the room.      

Peace and love,